Wednesday Comments – Worst Vacation Ever!

Sorry for taking a couple of week off, but I did the whole vacation thing, which meant that I was really focused on taking time for myself and unfortunately that left little time to write. So again, I apologize for leaving you high and dry.

But on my trip I went to visit family, which brought back some painful memories of my youth. Not that hanging out with family is painful; actually it’s quite pleasurable and fun. It just reminded me of the time that I left the majority of my collection at my Aunt’s house.

It was probably the summer of 1984 or 1985 and I was a Green Lantern fanatic. I hadn’t quite figured out how comic books were published. All I knew was that when I went to the Circle K near where my mother worked, I could usually find a new issue of Green Lantern there, though I was confused why I couldn’t find every issue I was looking for on those racks.

Looking back I can see that I was going during the summer months and so I was literally only getting three of four issues at a time. And I also hadn’t figured out that there were entire stores devoted to comic books. I was clearly barely collecting at the time.

So at this point in time my collection consisted of a few three-issue runs of Green Lantern. I knew the major characters like Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris and The Guardians of the Universe. I also knew supporting characters like John Stewart, Mr. Smith, Bruce Gordon and Predator. Basically I had a smattering of issues between #179 and #196. I’m sure if I did the research I could tell you a) exactly which issues I had and b) when they came out. But I’m not really in a research mood right now, so I won’t.

Anyway, I go with my mom on vacation. We go to visit family, which requires a trip on a plane. I take my comics because I want something to read on the plane and because they are my most cherished possession. I want to read them over and over and, if I get the chance to fill in gaps, I need to know that I’m missing and what I’ve already got.

We arrive and I immediately get to having fun with my cousins and aunts and uncles. We have a blast. It’s a great vacation and I hardly have any time to read my comics while I’m there. But I’m having so much fun that I don’t even notice.

I also don’t notice that I don’t have them in my possession when I pack my stuff to go home. I don’t notice that I’ve left them at my aunt’s house behind the recliner near the vent. I can literally still see where I left them in my mind.

Of course because I’m a kid, I fret the situation. I don’t want to tell my mom because I’m reluctant to get a lecture about responsibility. Plus I’ve already heard horror stories about how parents don’t respect comics and frequently throw out entire collections. So I don’t speak up. I also assume that my aunt (or whoever finds them) will immediately know how much they mean to me and sent them my way.

That never happens.

I suffer in silence. And I never see those comics that I left on vacation again.

It’s part of the reason why whenever I see any issue of Green Lantern between #179 and #196, at a con or in a bargain bin, my first response is to snatch it up. For me, those are the books that got again and I’ll always be trying to track them down, despite the fact that I’ve probably got that run twice over by now.

Basically the lesson is that you should always speak up. Never let anything be unsaid.

(Usually this lesson is learned from a tragic accident involving a loved one, but I learned mine from comics.)

Well that does it for me for this week. It’s Wednesday go and pick up some fresh new comic books. Even if it’s Before Watchmen.

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