CM Punk & Kofi Kingston Cuffed By The Police posted a clip of WWE Champion CM Punk at Comic-Con in Philadelphia telling a story about how he and Kofi Kingston were pulled over and harassed by police in Missouri.

“Him and I (Kofi) constantly, constantly get pulled over and always, always harassed because of how I look, and I’m with an African-American gentleman with dreadlocks,” Punk said. “And you cannot tell that cop there is no weed in the car. He thinks he’s hit the mother-load…

“There was one time it got really, really bad. We are in Missouri and we were driving… He is black. He has dreadlocks. I am covered in tattoos, and I look like I know how to make some pretty good meth. The cops pulled us over, the cops ask me all kinds of questions, I know where this is headed… it’s happened to me a dozen times. The cop says, ‘Coffee (referring to Kofi), do you mind stepping out of the car?’… I said, ‘Kofi, you do not have to get out of the car.’ Kofi is a little bit naive, I have a little bit more ‘city miles’ on myself, as I like to say. Kofi’s like, ‘what’s the big deal?’

“Kofi gets out of the car, I watch in the rear-view mirror as the man immediately starts ‘cuffing Kofi… So now other squads are pulling up, it’s ridiculous. Four other squad cars, two state troopers; six cop cars on the side of the road [and] they’re all trying to get me out of the car… (I said) ‘I can hear you fine from in here.’

“(Officer says) ‘For the last time, do you want to tell us if there’s something in the car?’ I was like, ‘dude, there’s nothing in the car.’ (Officer replies) ‘Well, can we search it?’ (Punk replied) ‘I would rather you didn’t, we have places to be.’.

“So I get out of the car, they start ‘cuffing me… I’ve been in trouble a few times in my life – Kofi hasn’t – so as they’re trying to maneuver me around the car, I’m like, ‘no, I wanna stand right in front of the camera, where the camera’s at.’ I know things… there are all like borderline hick-yokel cops, we’re in Missouri for Christs-sake!

“They put Kofi in one squad car, the finally put me in another squad car and we watch as they dismantle our rental car to the point where they’re putting rubber gloves on and they’re going through jugs of protein, and they’re just spilling it out on the highway.

“I’m in a cop car by myself and I’m starting to get nervous because there’s now two canine cars, so there’s now eight squad cars for two phony pro wrestlers. All it takes is one of these cop to plant something ridiculous… it sounds crazy, but trust me, it does happen…

“They come back around and they’re like, ‘we’re going to ask you one more time, is there anything in the car?’ That when I just had it. I’m like, ‘let me out of the car, let me out of the car!’ They let me out of the car, I walk out in front of the camera, and if you thought the promo I cut on RAW in July in Vegas was bad, I let these guys have it! And Kofi was just like, ‘sir, let’s just go.’

“That’s just one story, and it’s certainly not isolated. It happens to us frequen


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