John Laurinaitis Demoted?

It is being reported now John Laurinaitis is spending more time on the road as a talent than anything else.

As it was previously reported, Triple H has officially taken over the title of Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. While the change was just made on the company’s corporate website, the company has been operating with Triple H taking on those responsibilities for a while.

Laurinaitis has been working under Triple H while Triple H continues to hire new people like Canyon Cemen and Jane Geddes. Geddes is Vice President of Talent Relations and is doing a lot of the work Laurinaitis was doing. Cemen is running Talent Development and is reporting directly to Triple H.

Laurinaitis is still reportedly booking WWE live events but the writers are more involved because there is a movement to make live events more like TV shows. Laurinaitis is also still doing the talent payroll.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer