Top SmackDown Star Retiring?

In a recent interview, WWE wrestler Mark Henry put a big “if” in front of a statement about returning to WWE as an active wrestler, suggesting he’s not sure that he will return after recovering from current injuries.

Henry said that doctors have told him he needs three months to recover from nagging injuries, but he needs to take care of other business before he returns to WWE TV.

“It’s up to me. Right now, there’s a lot of things on my mind as far my career is concerned; I just need to get all that addressed before I start thinking about coming back,” Henry said.

Henry said if he returns to WWE, he plans to be in the best shape of his career. Henry said he has already dropped 15 pounds during his recovery period and he plans to drop another 25 pounds. “If it happens (he returns to WWE), people will see a leaner, more fit Mark Henry,” he said.

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