10 Thoughts on TNA Impact! – 6.14.12 – X Division Championship, TNA Heavyweight Championship, TV Championship

Welcome to my ten thoughts on TNA!  This week was called one of the greatest TNA Impacts ever. We’ll see.  Without further adieu…

1.  Way to open the show with a great X-Division match!  Austin Aries is one of, if not my #1, my favorite wrestlers today.  He’s great on the mic and he can outperform the entire TNA and possibly WWE locker room.  Moving Austin Aries into the big title scene is a great move and a great storyline.  Kudos, TNA.

2.  Where has Hernandez been?  Suddenly he comes out of nowhere and defeats an equally invisible Kid Kash and now he has a title match?  A few years ago he was in the title hunt and was being pushed as their next big thing.  He does look smaller now though.  Regardless of that, he still falls prey to Devon.

3.  And the Bully Ray/Joseph Park angle continues as the questions have turned as it’s now Bully Ray questioning Parks as to his brother’s whereabouts.

4.  Speaking of returns, it’s nice to see The Pope back in action.  Who knew he was going to be in Dark Knight Rises?  It’ll be interesting to see him in there. If we can see him.

5.  I don’t know if they intended it, but man Daniels looked pretty strong in the gauntlet by eliminating both of the tag team champions in Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

6.  James Storm winning is a good thing and I honestly hope Bobby Roode holds his title until Bound For Glory just because it’d be a great story to see James overcome all of the obstacles to finally take out Bobby Roode.

7.  The crowd absolutely loves James Storm and his promo was fairly great as he covered the reason he left, the reason he came back, and foretold what his intentions are now that he’s back.  Can you really ask for anything else in a returning promo?

8.  Last year I felt the Bound for Glory series dragged, but perhaps this year will be different.  Only time will tell.

9.  I like Tessmacher as Knockouts Champion and it’s interesting to see how Brooke Hogan dealt with Gail Kim essentially demanding her rematch next week.

10.  I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen Anderson tap, but it really makes Bobby Roode look dominant.  With all of these close finishes and cheating wins, he really needed this win to put him over.

10.1.  Where was the locker room during the final segment?  Did AJ and Kurt just leave the arena?  Anyways, it’s an interesting dynamic  that makes me interested to see next week and to figure out who these men are that attacked Sting.

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And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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