10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! – 6.15.12 – Big Show Calls Cena Out, Ryback, Dolph/Bryan vs Punk/Sheamus, Brodus Banished?

Welcome to my 10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown!  As Raw has been relieved of me (sniff), I now am only doing the 10 Thoughts on TNA and SmackDown so be sure to check both of those out every week.  Without further adieu…

1.  The opening segment was good again this week as it established all of Heavyweight champions and their rivals.  Plus when was the last time we saw a diva open a Raw or SmackDown show?

2.  I have absolutely no idea where this feud is going with AJ/Punk/Bryan/Kane, and I guess that’s what WWE wanted.  I’ll be watching tomorrow just because I want to see where this goes.

3.  On top of all that, Dolph getting the win was a good move as he needs the most momentum going into No Way Out as he has been jobbed out all year and was just established as the #1 Contender Monday.

4.  Well I don’t think Slater is exactly the man who can put Brodus Clay ‘on his back’ and two seconds later I was proved right.  Comical moment until Otunga comes down and actually takes down Brodus Clay.  This gives Otunga a bit of an advantage as he takes out the leg of Clay before their match Sunday.

5.  A dull promo from Big Show as he says that on Sunday he will defeat Cena in the cage in his first match.  Oh, and that punch to Vinny Mac?  Accident.  Surprise, surprise.

6.  Well at least this week wasn’t a huge amount of squashes as last week’s edition was. We actually saw Christian defeat Jack Swagger in a build towards his Intercontinental Championship match Sunday.  Christian should win to send Cody to do something else with his time.  He’s been with that title for too long now.

7.  I know that they want to show the intensity in the face of Ryback, but why do they have pyro for Ryback if they aren’t going to ever show it?

8.  Since none of the talent wants anything to with Ryback, why not bring up a new talent (Jon Moxley, Tyler Black, etc.) to stalk Ryback as if they were unamused by him until they finally attack him or turned away by Ryback?

9.  Sandow Love of the Week:  I love his cartwheel and his music just because both of them are extremely arrogant.  They make the crowd groan as they hear his theme hit because he’s coming to ridicule them.  The cartwheel is great because it adds insult to injury that he still has time to do a cartwheel after his opponent didn’t even phase him.

10.  So if Big Show wins, Cena is fired.  If Cena wins, Johnny Ace is fired.  They tried to add intrigue, but I think we’re going to be seeing Cena get ‘fired.’  Plus it’ll probably be Triple H coming out again to say that Ace doesn’t have the authority to fire John Cena.  Either way, Show wins and Cena won’t be fired.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out my 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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