DVD Review: Bubble Guppies

Back in the golden age of comic books, they constantly had ads for Sea-Monkeys. The illustrations made them look like aquatic humanoids that lived like normal people inside their fish bowl. A small kid could easily get the idea that they’d be able to own the kin of Aquaman. Turns out they were merely brine shrimp. They never got big enough to be turned into popcorn shrimp when you got bored of them. Bubble Guppies is a TV show on Nickelodeon that seems inspired by the dream of Sea-Monkeys. The show is amazingly addictive to little pre-schoolers that become glued to anything mermaid related. This Bubble Guppies DVD release collects together their big “movie” with two regular episodes.

“Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale!” is a double length episode that converts the Bubble Guppies into fairy tale characters. However they don’t merely go through the bedtime stories with adjusted characters. They’ve got a wicked witch (Wanda Sykes) causing trouble. She turns Bubble Puppy into a frog. Turns out that this isn’t the end of her desire to transform people into frogs. She’s got a rocket in her pocket to push her frog agenda. It’s up to Molly and Gill to stop this plan from launching. “Bubble Puppy” introduces the underwater dog to the regulars. Gil has to learn what it takes to raise a puppy before he can be allowed to adopt one. How do you house break a puppy when your house is underwater? “Bubble Bites” is the dangers of getting your puppy hooked on eating the good stuff. Gil has to compete against a woman for the last box of Bubble Bites in the supermarket. If he loses, the Bubble Puppy will have to settle for a lesser brand.

Bubble Guppies has quickly turned into my pre-school daughter’s must see shows. This is clearly aimed for the little ones with the mermaid characters and the cute pop songs. The Bubble Guppies will chill her out on a loud day. The movie is rather inventive in its playing with fairytale characters. Your kids will fear that rockets will turn them into frogs. This is a lot more satisfying than a bowl full of Sea-Monkeys.

The video is 1.33:1 full frame. The CGI animated show looks fine in these transfers. The audio is Dolby Digital stereo. The sound mix isn’t too overwhelming for little ears.

“Create Your Own Bubble Guppy” DVD Game is cute although you need to help a preschooler navigate it otherwise they might get frustrated and destroy the DVD remote.

Karaoke Music Videos
for “Fairytale Pop Song” and “I’m So Mean” is good if you’re kid is learning how to read full words.

Juke Box Song Selection
lets you cut straight to the songs if your kid is in no mood for talking.

Bubble Guppies is a cute show that knows how to get the attention of a pre-schooler. The CGI animated mini-mermaid and mermen are engaging to small eyes. Any mermaid obsessed toddler should calm down to take in the action of the fairytale story.

Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Video present Bubble Guppies. Starring: Wanda Sykes. Boxset contents: 3 episodes on 1 DVD. Released: May 1, 2012. Available at Amazon.com.