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There are times that it seems that the legend of ECW is more powerful now, than it ever was when it was a fully-functional promotion.

Case in point. According to several wrestling news sites, during an altercation (i.e., brawl) between Chris Brown’s people and Drake in a New York City nightclub, apparently an “E-C-W” chant broke out. The real promotion has been dead for 10+ years, the WWE version has been dead for two. And still people chant it when a brawl breaks out.

And you know what? It’s not because ECW was that good. ECW was a product of the age, and I loved it with every fiber of my being. But my loving it doesn’t make it good.1

ECW still exists as a cult phenomenon. Along the lines of Rocky Horror Picture Show and 70s/80s punk bands like the Cramps. It’s cool to like this stuff. ECW was the last promotion that was able to give the illusion of ownership to its fans. For many wrestling fans in the Philadelphia to New York corridor, ECW was our promotion, much like a local sports team is ours. I have never felt that the WWE, WCW, TNA, ROH, or any other promotion was geared towards me like ECW. 2

And that’s why it still lives.3

ECW Television – Episode 020

Taped: August 07 and 08, 1993
Broadcast: August 31, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously


  • Two teams advanced in the ECW Tag Team Title Tournament: Hot Stuff International (Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot) and The Super Destroyers
  • Shane Douglas made his debut in ECW, and immediately joined Hot Stuff International.
  • Hunter Q. Robbins III offered the Super Destroyers $25,000 if they resigned with him as their manager.
  • Tito Santana made his debut in ECW and won the ECW Heavyweight Championship from Don Muraco.



We’re still in the ECW Video control room. Jay Sulli runs down the card for this week’s episode:

  • ECW Tag Title Tournament Match: The Koloffs vs Sandman and Sal Bellomo
  • ECW Tag Title Tournament Match: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot vs The Super Destroyers
  • Introduction of all of the participants of the Battle of the Sexes battle royal at Ultra Clash
  • The Headshrinkers face the team of Miguel Perez Jr. and Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
  • Stan Hansen & Tito Santana vs Don Muraco & Shane Douglas

Eddie Gilbert comes out wearing a Beavis and Butthead t-shirt. 4 Sulli actually acts like a journalist asking what the situation was between he and the Dark Patriot, to which Eddie gives a very lame excuse. He also calls out Jerry Lawler for copying his act in the WWF.5

Segment #1 : ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Sandman & Sal Bellomo vs The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir Koloff)

Both teams give a very generic interview prior to the match. Sandman looks completely embarrassed to be teaming with Big Sal.

The Koloffs are in the ring and out come The Sandman and Sal Bellomo, 6as big Sal throws stuffed animals out to the crowd.7

Ivan starts things off with Sal grabbing him from behind. Sal gives him the old mule kick. Sal tags in Sandman who gets a roll-up for a near fall. Sandman goes over to Vlad who then tags in. In the corner, Sandman does not give a clean break and punches, but then runs into a big boot by Vlad. Bulldog out of the corner by Vlad, which gets a 2-count. Vlad with kicks and punches on the prone Sandman. Picks him up and delivers punches in the middle of the ring. Sandman pushes him back to his corner where he and Sal punch Vlad.

Vlad is able to tag in Ivan, and both deliver a double elbow on Sandman, which gets a near fall. Ivan tags in Vlad and they deliver a double-clothesline on Sandman. Gets another near all. Belly to belly and Vlad covers. Sal comes in while the ref is distracted with Ivan and nails Vlad with a boot. Pushes Sandman on Vlad for the three count.

Ultra Clash I Rundown

Two matches added to the card.

  • Sal Bellomo vs Richard Michaels w/ Hunter Q. Robbins III
  • Super Destroyer #1 vs Super Destroyer #2, where the loser must unmask8

Segment #2: Introduction of the Battle of the Sexes Battle Royal for Ultra Clash

Tod Gordon introduces the participants of the battle royal: Peaches, Hunter Robbins III, Tygra 9, Angel, Freddie Gilbert, and Sherri Martell. Each one gets time on the mic, but no one says anything interesting. Freddie actually gives Sherri a bouquet of flowers, but Angel gets pissed and pulls him out of the ring by his ear.

Segment #3: ECW Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot w/ Shane Douglas vs The Super Destroyers10

The match is interrupted to have more studio antics with Jay Sulli and Eddie Gilbert. 11 The ‘homeless person’ from a few episodes ago comes in pretending to be a Dunkin’ Donuts delivery man? Why?

Back to the match, now joined in progress where Shane just tripped up Super D #2 to change the momentum. Ugly DDT on Super D #2 by Dark Patriot which is followed by a clothesline. Tag into Eddie Gilbert who pushes the Super Destroyer into the corner. Super D #2 fights out of it and tags in Super D #1.

Double team on Super D #1, but he successfully fights both off. He then loads some object into his face mask and head butts Eddie Gilbert while Shane Douglas has the referee tied up, and mauls the Dark Patriot. Hunter Q. Robbins comes down and starts talking to Super D #2 on the ring apron. Super D #2 comes in and nails his partner and puts Eddie Gilbert on top, who gets the pinfall victory. Apparently Super D #2 took the money. But to the next segment without seeing the fallout.

Segment #4: Headhunters vs Miguel Perez Jr & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga

Action starts immediately, both teams matching up and taking the fight out of the ring. 12 Perez is slammed into a chair by one of the Headhunters and then into the post. Back in the ring, the other Headhunter hits a huge powerbum on Mitsuhiro Matsunaga and gets a near fall. Headhunters hit a clothesline on Perez. Headhunter on top turnbuckle and Perez hits a superplex.

Perez climbs the turnbuckle now and hits the missile dropkick on the Headhunter sending him out of the ring. Perez nails the Headhunter with a dive, and follows it up with hitting him with the chair three times. Back in the ring, he tags into Matsunaga. Both of them deliver a series of kicks and strikes. The Headhunter is on his knees, and now all four men are in. Matsunaga is thrown out of the ring. 13 Perez goes up top and misses a moonsault. Headhunter with a powerslam, and the other goes to the top rope and hits THE BIG FAT MOONSAULT.

In an awful move, the Headhunter goes for the cover, but the ref doesn’t count. Instead chooses to wait for Matsunaga to get in the ring and roll up the other Headhunter. 14 The referee counts both mens shoulders on the mat, and declares it a no-contest. Huh?

Segment #5: Stan Hansen & Tito Santana vs Don Muraco & Shane Douglas

Hansen starts off with Shane Douglas. Elbow on Shane. Pushes Douglas into the corner and tags into Tito. Near fall. Douglas tags in to Muraco. Muraco comes off the ropes, and avoids the lariat from Stan on the apron, but then gets nailed by a punch from Tito. Tag into Hansen.

The ECW Studio breaks into the match to give us the same Abdullah the Butcher clips from a few weeks ago. 15

Back to the match. Douglas has Santana tied up. The ref misses the tag to Hansen, and now the heels beat up Santana while the ref pushes Hansen back. Muraco goes for the nerve grip on Santana, but eventually Tito fights back. Muraco tags in Gilbert and then blocks Eddie from tagging Hansen. Shane goes for the chinlock on Santana. Hansen comes in to break it up, and then Muraco comes in. Tito fights back, but Muraco nails with punches. Muraco tags into Shane who goes for a suplex, but Tito blocks it and reverses the suplex.

Tito tags in Hansen. Hansen throws Muraco against the ropes, and the top rope actually snaps. 16 In comes Hot Stuff International to attack Hansen and Santana. Dark Patriot and Snuka hold Santana. Gilbert tries to throw a fireball, but Tito moves and the Dark Patriot gets nailed with the fireball. Dark Patriot is helped away. End of show.



  • Miguel Perez Jr
  • Mitsuhiro Matsunaga

Historic Significance

  • Sal Bellomo and The Sandman advance in the ECW Tag Team Tournament and will face Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot.
  • Super Destroyer #2 has turned on Super Destroyer #1, and presumably has joined with Hunter Q. Robbins.
  • Eddie Gilbert attempted to throw a fireball into the face of Tito Santana, but missed and hit his tag team partner, The Dark Patriot.

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Tournament Winner
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Patriot
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Super Destroyers
The Suicide Blondes


ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana Since 08/07/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions --vacated-- Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993


A definitely let down from last week. Mostly due to the really poor video editing, and the constant reliance of Sulli and Gilbert in the ECW studio. I don’t know who is telling them that these two are interesting, but it’s definitely not, at least to me. But things are happening in the federation, so it’s better than a few weeks ago.


1. My favorite movie is The Sting starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, but that doesn’t mean that I think it is superior to a movie like The Godfather.
2. It helped that I was the target demographic for the promotion, as I was 22 when it started and 30 when it went under.
3. The question is more that why would Drake and Chris Brown be in a club where people would chant ECW. Are there people who would chant ECW, who aren’t middle class 20 or 30 somethings?
4. The shirt screams, ‘Hey look at me kids. I’m 33, but I’m still cool. I’m still hip. Ducka ducka ducka.’ And not in a heel way.
5. During the summer of 1993, Lawler was involved in probably his most high profile WWF feud between he and Bret Hart. Lawler declared himself the only king of wrestling after Bret Hart won the 1993 King of the Ring tournament.
6. They come out to the song Friends by Joe Satriani off of his Extremist album. Strange choice.
7. Couldn’t do that in the later 90s, most fans would think that they were volunteering to hide someone’s drug stash.
8. Man this promotion loves to spoil wrestling results, don’t they?
9. Who wraps a boa around Hunter and pulls him to her massive chest.
10. I swear if this show just spoiled a heel turn by one of the Super Destroyers that could have easily been avoided by announcing the match at Ultra Clash AFTER this match, I’m going to go back in time and kick the video editor square in the ass!
11. Man this is starting to get embarrassing. YOU’RE A TAPED SHOW!!!!!! Make the matches smaller or join then in progress if you don’t have enough time.
12. This match is very reminiscent of the tag team matches that ECW would be known for. Highlights being referees that allow the teams to ignore the tag rules as well as the count-out rules without specifying that it was a texas tornado, no dq, or no count-out match.
13. The Headhunters were moving pretty fast at first, but they have really slowed down. I guess that 400 pounds start dragging you down after a few minutes.
14. Someone really screwed up there. Not sure if it was the referee, the Headhunters, or Matsunaga.
15. Okay, this is still bushleague to pull this. However, as the television show was rapidly approaching the end of the time slot, it is much less bothersome. But still, twice in one show?
16. Seemed like a natural snap of the ropes, especially as they didn’t use the ropes as part of the match or story.

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