Rasslin’ Roundtable — WWE No Way Out PPV 2012 (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, AJ)

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Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga

M.C. Brown: Still can’t think that Otunga would get a big meaningless win on the pre-show.
Winner: Brodus Clay

Rhett Davis: Yes! The Pre-Show that no one will see continues! Yawn. Otunga attacked Clay on SmackDown to establish this ‘feud’. However, I don’t see Otunga ending Clay’s streak on a web-show that no one will see. Do you?
Winner: The Only Funkasaurus in Captivity

Mike Gojira: Next.
Winner: Brodus Clay

John Cena vs. Big Show
Steel cage match

M.C. Brown: Not wise for Show’s push to be derailed with a loss of any sort, even if he’s not pinned.
Winner: Big Show

Rhett Davis: So Cena wins, Show is fired. Show wins, and Cena will be fired by Johnny Ace. Yeah that’s intriguing. Remember when Cena was fired the first time? It lasted no longer than a week. Anyways, I don’t see Laurinaitis getting fired right now as he is so over. Big Show will win with some great visuals of him grating Cena’s face on the cage. Then either Cena will not be fired despite the promise that Ace gave on SmackDown or Cena will be fired and then return next week or two weeks from then. Big Show wins by destroying Cena with the WMD.
Winner: Big Show

Mike Gojira: Seven years ago, this might have mattered, but no amount of spit polish is going to make Big Show look good.  I suspect a repeat of Valentine’s Day Massacre, where Big Show throws Cena through the cage wall and accidentally gives him the victory.
Winner: John Cena

Sheamus (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
World Heavyweight Championship

M.C. Brown: Swagger’s “interference” possibly later deemed intentional leads to Ziggler’s loss and eventual face turn.
Winner: Sheamus

Rhett Davis: Alberto del Rio gets a concussion two weeks before the PPV and Dolph wins a who’s-who of a fatal-4-way to become the next #1 Contender. With almost no build and no reason for Dolph to win the title at this point, I see Sheamus going over Dolph Ziggler as he has been doing on SmackDown a few weeks ago.
Winner (and STILL World Heavyweight Champion): Sheamus

Mike Gojira: Normally I’d be excited for this one, as I know Ziggler can put on one hell of a show, but we’ve seen these two battle before.  It’s the same formula: Sheamus dominates early, Ziggler fires back and gets some extremely near-falls, but Sheamus wins definitively with the Brogue Kick.  Why should I pay for this?
Winner: Sheamus

CM Punk (c) vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan
WWE Championship

M.C. Brown: Even before Punk’s tweets(unless they are about Dolph not winning, lol), I feel it’s a swerve where AJ goes back to Bryan and he wins the WWE title for the first time.
Winner(and new Champion): Daniel Bryan

Rhett Davis: Who knew that this storyline would go as whacky as it has gotten? And the entire storyline revolves around AJ Lee. It seems that she will be the factor that decides who wins Sunday and I see it going differently than expected. AJ turns heel and aids Daniel Bryan in winning. Plus it would set-up next month’s re-match between Bryan and Punk.
Winner (and NEW WWE Champion): Daniel Bryan

Mike Gojira: I’m looking forward to this for two reasons: more Punk/Bryan goodness, and finding out where AJ’s allegiance lies by the end of the night.
Winner: CM Punk

Christian (c) vs. Cody Rhodes
Intercontinental Championship

M.C. Brown: Cody needs to be gunning for a world championship. Not sure if him in an I-C feud still is a good idea. Christian should go over.
Winner: Christian

Rhett Davis: It’s time for Cody Rhodes to move on from the Intercontinental Championship as fighting the likes of Big Show and Christian isn’t doing much good at this point as it just feels like a holding pattern. Christian should win here so Cody could move on and really there isn’t anything better for Christian to do with Sheamus as World Champ on SmackDown.
Winner (and STILL Intercontinental Champ): Christian

Mike Gojira: Christian should win here so Cody can move on to bigger and better things.  Honestly, I would have preferred keeping the title on Cody, as his run (before Big Show ruined it) was entertaining and lengthy.
Winner: Christian

Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
Divas Championship

M.C. Brown: I’ll keep picking Beth until she wins.
Winner(and new Champion): Beth Phoenix

Rhett Davis: Yeesh. When does Kharma come back? Please tell me it is tonight. Layla wins because she needs some more legitimacy.
Winner (and STILL Divas Champion): Layla

Mike Gojira: Why should I care, honestly?  We saw this match last month.  There was no reason to put Layla over Beth then, and there sure as hell is no reason to do so now.  With Kharma still out of the picture, a rumored Kelly Kelly departure, and the absence of anything other than 30 seconds of a Divas match on any show, this match matters to me slightly less than the tuxedo match.
Winner: Beth?

Santino Marella vs. Ricardo Rodriguez
Tuxedo match

M.C. Brown: Scary. Just scary.
Winner: Santino Marella

Rhett Davis: Well… it should be a quick comedy match and I’d rather see this than a Ezekiel Jackson/Wade Barrett match. Eh Santino will win because why should a heel win a comedy match?
Winner: Santino Marella

Mike Gojira: Let me get this straight: one of these guys is currently a title-holder.  The other is a manager/valet/announcer for a guy who’s out with a concussion.  And yet, through all of this, Zack Ryder can’t get his United States Championship rematch?
Winner: Santino

M.C. Brown: Something is ominous about this event. I’ll admit I’m not up on everything going on, but I don’t get a good feeling coming into this event. There seems to be a severe lack of stories worth investing in. The AJ story seems to be the most intriguing, but I still feel they’ll screw that up somehow. Reuniting with Bryan this time as a cheating valet instead of a human shield has the most potential to me. It would be very cool to see Bryan exploit her instability and psychotic nature that he helped harness while babyfaces tried to get her away from his control once again. That has the most money potential. The Triple H and Johnny stuff wouldn’t get me to buy this, even if I had money to burn.

Rhett Davis: Overall it looks like a weak show with the exception of the WWE title match. The tuxedo match could be funny and the World title match could possibly steal the show. Should be the worst PPV for the WWE since Mania.

Mike Gojira: There is absolutely nothing here that makes me want to buy the PPV.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not knocking Ziggler, Punk, or Bryan’s abilities to deliver where it counts.  I’m knocking the WWE’s pathetic attempt to sell me on a cage match nobody wants as the main event of a show with THREE title bouts on the card.  Maybe the company will try to shake things up with a title change, but other than that, i’m avoiding this like the plague.

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