Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE No Way Out 2012 (John Cena, Big Show, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, AJ)

– Sorry for the late start. I was tweeting for Inside Pulse and completely forgot to log on here. Well here we go now.

– It’s amazing all those logos fit on Brodus Clay’s singlet

– Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs. Prime Time Players vs. Usos vs. Primo & Epico in a four-way #1 contender match added to PPV

– Is anyone in the opening WWE signature still active?

– The 1 match I’m looking forward to is opening the show. Does that mean I can stop watching after the end of this?

– Ziggler was massively over in Hartford on Monday night. I can see WWE getting behind his this summer.

– Nice opening sequence between Ziggler & Sheamus.

– That headstand/chinlock is incredible.

– Everyone ALWAYS pops for the Rocker dropper but has Ziggler ever won a match w/it?

– What a fantastic match. Defining moment for Ziggler.

– You won’t see a better match than that tonight. Phenomenal World Title match.

– If there wasn’t any other cues that we’re PG, let’s have a tuxedo match.

– Cobra Sock/Chin Music=Awesome. Del Rio Undies=Awkward but awesome. Still could’ve done without the match.

– VERY nice new Christian t-shirt. Hated the “Killswitch” one.

– The DDT is in vogue move for this PPV.

– Another great IC title match. I think we’ve established that the IC title ranks higher than the US title.

– Kidd/Gabriel can absolutely be the 2012 Rockers.

– The Usos are tremendously impressive live. Just wish they had more opportunities.

– NICE highspot by Kidd. If this is the future of WWE tag teams, I’m happy.

– Now this managerial pairing makes MUCH more sense.

– Some pretty good action thus far but this PPV seems to be dragging. A long Triple H won’t help things.

– Pretty short and sweet from Triple H. All that was needed to hype SummerSlam.

– AJ has had more segments on this show than anyone else on the roster.

– Well Kane really has been the ladies’ man since his debut in the WWE.

– Suddenly this “PPV” has turned into “SmackDown”.

– Has Hunico won a match since BECOMING Hunico?

– Huge Zack Ryder chant from the Long Island faithful.

– This really did not need to be a triple threat match. Still wish we got the Punk vs Bryan submission match.

– I thought I’d buy the “I Dig Crazy Chicks” shirt on Monday. But then I got a wicked nasty look from the wife.

– I understand why management likes Kane. I really do. But does he really need to be in this match?

– Fast paced triple threat match. Really did not expect Kane to be hang w/Bryan and Punk.

– I don’t know if they could’ve made Punk longer any stronger in that match. No doubt he’s the #2 babyface now.

– Loving this CM/AJ Punk dynamic. If they can make her an evil genius similar to Punk’s old characters, I will be impressed.

– God I love that WrestleMania theme song.

– Check out Ryback getting the crowd to chant #FeedMeMore instead of “Goldberg” for once.

– I think I saw at least 4-5 talents not active in the SummerSlam promo.

– Can John Cena really be fired if he’s an “independent contractor”?

– I don’t know what it is but this main event just feels like a WCW main event.

– Sorry Big Show but we saw the REAL Vader Bomb last Monday night.

– Interesting twist with Brodus Clay & the others Big Show victims.

– Poor Zack Ryder being crushed in the LI.

– That makes 3 or 4 GMs that John Cena has AA’d after they had been fired.

– Middle of the road PPV with a surprising finish. Seems like WWE is rebooting for the summer & its about time.

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