The Austin Aries Conundrum: Should AA Vacate the X Division Title for a Shot at Bobby Roode and the TNA World Heavyweight Title?

The Wrestling Observer had an interesting poll with fascinating results regarding Austin Aries and whether or not the current TNA / Impact Wrestling X Division Champion should vacate his X Division Title for a shot at Bobby Roode’s TNA World Heavyweight Championship Belt.

The question and results of the Observer poll were:

“Should TNA have Austin Aries vacate the X title?

No, even if belts mean nothing, the goal should be too make them mean something 64.1%

No, it makes the X division belt a joke 18.0%

Yes, belts mean nothing so it doesn’t matter 10.9%

Yes, a one week tease is more important than a title reign these days 7.1%”

CB’s Slant: On one hand, Aries refusing to vacate the X Division Championship would really make the belt seem like it’s more meaningful and important. At the same time, the powers that be in TNA probably think the X title means nothing and will likely have Double A decide to go after Roode as a way for them to take the “lesser” belt (in their eyes) off of him so he can have a crack at the “big-time”.

What do YOU think about the Austin Aries conundrum? Should AA vacate the X Division Title? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments section below!

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Source: The Wrestling Observer