10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 06.18.2012: CM Punk, John Lauranaitis, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena

Fresh off the No Way Out pay-per-view, let’s get to the 10 thoughts from Raw.

1.) So – after beating the “heel authority figure” gimmick into the ground, now Vince and the creative team want to revive the “Guest General Manager” gimmick.  God – I almost want them to bring back the computer.

2.) Tensai hears John Laurinaitis’s heat and cries into his pillow at night.

3.) When I watch Dolph Ziggler wrestle, I channel my inner Ron Swanson and try to figure out a non-gay way to ask Ziggler to go camping with me.

4.) What’s next for Swagger, now?  I would like to see him move into a program with Ryback.  That would progress Ryback from the already-tired jobber squash matches he’s been having with someone who can wrestle.

5.) The reason I’m guessing Paul Heyman got such a loud reaction when he came out was that he bounced checks to over 80% of the audience at the Nassau Coliseum.  Maybe 85%.

6.) If I scheduled a meeting for this Friday, then got fired on Monday (and don’t rule that out – I’m writing this on company time), I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be allowed to attend the meeting.  So – I’m not sure how or why Big Johnny was allowed to stick around last night.

6A.) God, I really hope that Big Johnny is off TV for a while – if only for the fact I don’t have to type or look up how to spell his name correctly any more.

7.) 2012 Wendy Richter makes 1985 Ryan very, very sad.

8.) Mark out moment = Heath Slater’s “train wreck” comment.  Best line of the night.

9.) If you EVER needed a reason why Raw should go to three hours, then I present to you the Richter/Lauper/Piper/Slater segment last night.  Don’t worry – with that extra 60 minutes, Vince is SURE to put on more great quality television like this.

10.) Thank GOD Cena finally avenged…well, what, exactly?  I still don’t know what beef Cena and Laurinaitis had with each other.  From what I can recall, Big Johnny’s beef was with HHH and CM Punk – I don’t ever remember why Cena had issue with him.

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