Are the Joey Ryan Twitter and YouTube Rants on TNA Gut Check Works or Shoots?

The June 18 Observer Newsletter speculates as to whether or not TNA Gut Check wrestler Joey Ryan is working with Impact Wrestling on his Twitter and YouTube rants or legitimately popping off on TNA management since he was rejected on TV by the Gut Check judges Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Prichard:

“Regarding Gut Check, it’s pretty clear at least part of this was an attempt to work the boys, since they showed Al Snow and Joey Ryan in character leaving the building after the show and it’s obvious Ryan will be back. Ryan being on Twitter complaining is also clearly part of the work. As far as what Ryan knew in the ring, it’s still being said while the voting was pre-planned and Snow, Bruce Prichard and Taz all pretty much knew their roles, that Ryan wasn’t in on it and the Taz-Ryan stuff as it happened was not planned. It’s wrestling, and live television, and it’s Eric Bischoff, so you should be skeptical. Plus, you can do it a few times and it’s good, but when you keep doing it, WCW is what you get. That isn’t necessarily good long-term. But there is definitely a mentality of trying to bring a legit feeling to get people talking, and not overdone, that is a good thing.”

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Source: The Wrestling Observer