Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 6.18.12 (John Cena, Big Show, CM Punk, Sheamus, Mick Foley)

– Decent No Way Out PPV with only one or two standout matches. Honestly, I think TNA put on the better PPV performance this month.

– Why do I have a feeling we won’t see Zack Ryder tonight, simply because we are in his hometown?

– Mick Foley? Well this is a welcome surprise.

– I always loved Mick Foley as the commissioner but he was extremely goofy. Don’t think they’ll be going with Foley as a permanent fixture on the show.

– Thank you, Mick Foley… for making the same match that opened SmackDown on Friday. Groundbreaking…

– Nice way to promote CM Punk by mentioning the length of this reign and the only people who have held the WWE title longer (Cena & JBL).

– Holy crap that AJ spot was fantastic. Reminded me of Harley Quinn of Batman fame.

– I hope Ziggler wins this match and then turns down Vickie’s offer to be his manager.

– Does ANY announcer know what the “Zig-Zag” looks like? It’s not the Rocker dropper but it’s been called that by every announcer.

– Well that’s not what I wanted to see. Are they really going back to the romantic relationship between Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero?

– Ahhhh, gotta love the bedpan shot. Top 5 moments in Raw history.

– Paul Heyman’s swagger down to the ring is starting to be as iconic as the Vince McMahon walk.

– Looks like Triple H busted Heyman’s lip with that right hand. Don’t know how they’re going to get around all of this “lawsuit” talk.

– Really took all of one extra day to clear a competitor from a concussion? Seems suspicious to me.

– Why are some of the best wrestlers cast as comedic personalities (ie Santino & Ricardo)?

– That might have been the same video package from her Hall of Fame induction but still a nice little history lesson for the younger fans out there.

– I feel like I’m watching Moolah and Mae reincarnated.

– What is the WWE’s obsession with Heath Slater?!?!

– That was a great pop for Rowdy!

– Wonder what Roddy Piper is pimping on his shirt this month?

– Wow that glass shattered pretty sharply. Don’t expect to see that in this day and age of the WWE.

– You’d think with a new high profile promoter, the Primetime Players would be able to afford better ring gear.

– Not only does Darren Young freakishly resemble John Cena, but his finisher even begins with a fireman’s carry!

– What babyface does Big Show move onto next? CM Punk?

– Even though the closing of No Way Out wasn’t that great, tonight’s Raw was even worse. They just repeated everything that happened at the PPV but with less impact, intrigue and Vince McMahon. God, I hope this means a reboot for the summer.

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