MMVAs 2012: Murtz On The Scene – Exclusive Interview With Degrassi‘s Alicia Josipovic, Jessica Tyler, & Cristine Prosperi On MMVA Red Carpet

At the 2012 MMVAs, I talked to Degrassi’s Alicia Josipovic, Jessica Tyler and Cristine Prosperi. The Degrassi girls talked to me about what to expect when the show comes back in July and Jessica revealed that her character, Jenna, might have a new love interest. We also discussed the realism that Degrassi offers in its storylines and how that compares to the over-the-top scenarios on U.S. teen dramas like 90210 and Gossip Girl. I also asked them about if any of the girls on the show will remain straight after the show revealed that both Fiona and Imogen both liked girls.

Check it out!

Also, if you missed my on the scene review of the show, it is available here

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