MMVAs 2012: Murtz On The Scene – Exclusive Interview With The Cast Of The L.A. Complex

At the 2012 MMVAs, I talked to the cast of The L.A. Complex. I asked Jewel Staite to help me understand why the show is as great as it is and I told her that The L.A. Complex reminded me of the old Melrose Place, where every episode ended on a cliffhanger. Jonathan Patrick Moore said that as actors, they actually lived through the experiences that their characters are going through on the show. I asked Andra Fuller if it was tough playing the gay street rapper and Joe Dinicol talked about the differences between The L.A. Complex and Train 48. Finally, I asked Cassie Steele if this was her breakout role.

Check it out!

Also, if you missed my on the scene review of the show, it is available here

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