Scott Snyder Teases DC New 52 Zero Month: No Batman In Batman #0 & Rest Of Batman Zero Books?

Batman writer Scott Snyder has been teasing a lot about his DC Comics New 52 Court of Owls storyline wrap up along with his Batman back-up co-writer James Tynion IV lately. In Snyder’s newest interview, he reveals some interesting tidbits about September’s Batman #0. Here’s a taste:

    And then we have our #0 issue, which I’m really excited about, and it will give you an important slice of Bruce’s life from when he first gets back to Gotham after his travels. It will happen within the shadows of Batman: Year One, taking place in a moment of time that you haven’t seen. And I think it will be very surprising to people and exciting. You’ll see some things that will catch you off guard and will get you excited to see what’s coming.

    You won’t see the Bat-suit in most of the #0 issues that deal with Bruce Wayne, and I really applaud DC for doing that, because it’s cool and risky to show all these issues about Bruce that don’t have him in Batman gear. It really forces you to explore the character in different ways. I love that aspect of this…

    …It focuses on Bruce setting up shop in Gotham, before he moved to Wayne Manor, before he was part of Wayne Industries, and before he adopted the symbol of the Bat…

In addition, Snyder teased what to expect in his next storyline

    …With the storyline coming after that, with issue #13, I can’t really talk about it yet. But all I can say, and I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it officially here, is that it features my favorite villain from the Batman rogues gallery.

So, do you have any idea who Snyder’s fave Batman villain is?

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