10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 6.21.12 – Aries’ Decision, Open Fight Night, Gutcheck, Bound for Glory Series, Anderson, Bully Ray

Well it’s that time again, 10 thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling!  I am your host, Rhett Davis, and without further ado…

1.  What a way to start the show!  It did everything it could to A) preserve the importance  of the X-Division Championship (actually enhance it) and B) give Austin Aries an opportunity at the TNA Heavyweight Championship.  From now on, the X-Division Champion has a chance to relinquish their title for a chance at the big one.  Great concept and I hope they don’t just forget about it.

2.  Not bad opening two matches with Anderson going over Daniels (surprisingly) and Angle embarrassing Robbie E (not surprisingly).  Overall, I’m okay with these matches and am in agreeance with Blair Douglas with being glad they stopped focusing on pulling the curtain back and exposing the backstage goings-on.

3.  One problem with having the Bound for Glory series, Gutcheck, AND Open Fight Night on the same night is this show feels clustered.  That’s a lot of concepts to fit on one show.

4.  This Gutcheck went to Taylor Hendricks and she was the first Knockout to attempt the challenge.  Overall I think she was pretty decent and could develop into something but she needs more personality.  Although overcoming cancer to enter wrestling is a tremendous feat.

5.  Wanna prove how over your new guy is?  Put him in the ring with one of TNA Impact Zone’s most beloved superstars and see how the crowd reacts.  Cowboy James Storm just split the audience with Samoa Joe, and that’s no easy feat in Orlando.

6.  Magnus wins and AJ Styles is still plagued by Daniels and Kaz with the truth to his affair with Dixie.  Is there more to show?  I thought the fact that they were having an affair was the big secret.

7.  Let’s face it, this sit-down talk with the Knockouts just doesn’t work.  The sit-down worked with Hogan, Hardy, Angle, AJ, and Bully Ray because, well, we care about those people.  There’s just not enough interest in the Knockouts.  Hell, that would’ve been hard to do with Trish, Lita, Victoria, and Gail Kim in their prime in the WWE.  Just not a great idea, but at least they try to put focus on their Knockouts Division.  So an A for effort TNA.

8.  A great ending for the Dinero/Ray match.  The Pope wins on his return match, but doesn’t win clean so it doesn’t look like he disappeared for months and came back to lay waste to the division.  Plus Ray doesn’t lose his heat because he was distracted by Abyss.

9.  Not a bad match between RVD and Jeff Hardy and it just proves that the 10 minute time limit is a great edition to this series.  The time limit gives TNA an excuse for their matches to be short and for even a possible and eventual draw.

10.  So that’s why they always had more to reveal.  Well this worked out much better than an affair, but they probably had this in mind the entire time.  Anyways, it made a much more sense than making two of your biggest faces turned villain in an affair angle.

Altogether it was a pretty great show and definitely better than Raw this week.  The Bound for Glory series is going strong and the Open Fight Night was strictly assigned to the BFG series.  Only thing we were missing was a Television title defense.  It was a pretty stacked show so it’ll fine to miss for one night.

Thanks for reading,

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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