Internal Concern Over Vince McMahon’s Harsh Mockery Of Jim Ross

There is concern among WWE officials that Vince McMahon’s mockery of Jim Ross’ Bell’s palsy in a backstage segment on the June 11th Raw SuperShow could cause backlash for the WWE. The Creative Coalition, which formed a multi-platform, nationwide anti-bullying alliance with WWE (be a STAR) would appear hypocritical by conducting business with an organization that does not practice what they preach.

McMahon’s mockery segment struck a nerve with former WCW announcer Mark Madden, who went on Twitter to blast the WWE CEO.

“McMahon mocking Ross’ Bell’s Palsy was unforgivable. What a scumbag, pure and simple. Just a twisted, emotionally crippled jerkoff,” he wrote. “McMahon wasn’t mocking a stranger. Ross is one of WWE’s most valued employees ever. Ross’ big sin: He knows more about wrestling than Vince.”

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Source: The Wrestling Observer