Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Impact 6.21.12 (AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode)

– Really like what they are doing with Austin Aries. Logical & effective way to move a guy like him into a main event spot.

– Very smart idea for the X-Division title. As long as they keep up with this stipulation throughout the years, they have the potential of making the X title as important as the old WWF Intercontinental championship.

– Love Daniels with his appletinis lately.

– Anderson’s really been on his game since his return. Just wish he would get rid of the damn Mic Check.

– Wow, Brooke is starting to look more & more like Linda. And that’s not a good thing.

– Brooke did well in this segment, better than I expected. Maybe it’s just natural talent but with a little more development, she could be really good.

– Gotta love how Kurt Angle just made Robbie E look like a jobber.

– I forgot to mention, bringing back the BFG series was one of the best decisions TNA could have made. Just look at all of the good that is currently happening in TNA that came out of the BFG series.

– AJ Styles vs Magnus? This could be awesome.

– Michinoku Driver! Despite the storyline finish, a good TV match between Magnus & Styles.

– Taylor Hendricks is kinda funny looking. Sorry, just being honest.

– Not a very good showing for Hendricks. Her selling was stiff, her offense sloppy & look generic. I’ll really question Gut Check if she gets a contract.

– If this Joseph Park angle was done with, I could definitely see Bully Ray winning the BFG series.

– After last year, why is Samoa Joe allowed in the BFG series?

– Please not another losing streak for Joe.

– Pope looks motivated for once. Still not a fan but good for him.

– Tessmacher reminds me A LOT of a very early Trish Stratus. Just as long she continues to improve, she could be a good face for the company.

– Check out Mickie playing the veteran heel. About time, really.

– Beautiful counter roll up. Looking forward to a heel Mickie James.

– Am I the only one hoping neither RVD or Jeff Hardy wins the BFG series?

– Why the hell did RVD just try a 450?!

– I’m guessing next Thursday is the blow off of the Styles/Kaz & Daniels feud. But then what? Just the Bound For Glory Series?

– Well at least TNA payed off an angle that seemed a bit off the rails. I can say they DEFINITELY have that over the WWE.

– Really, Impact Zone. “What” chants? Really?

– HA! I LOVE the fact that Daniels knew the truth the whole time. Perfect.

– Decent show that was able to promote Destination X & Bound for Glory seamlessly.

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