10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! – 6.23.12 – Sheamus vs Dolph, Big Show, Cody vs Christian… Again, Tag Team Turmoil

Well you had to know this was going to be behind after the 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling went up on time.  So how will this show fare after No Way Out?  Well without further ado…

1.  Yeesh.  Why would WWE allow ‘You Can’t Wrestle’ come through on SmackDown if they are piping sound?  Seems like that would be something to cover up…

2.  Cody Rhodes and Christian?  Again?  This feud just needs to end as it really isn’t helping either superstar.  Cody needs to move up to the heavyweight scene or at least move on to something… anything… different.

3.  Ryback destroys some jobbers…  interesting stuff there.

4.  A great match between Kane and Daniel Bryan that saw AJ ‘accidentally’ rung the bell when Kane was reaching for the ropes.  In the confusion, Daniel Bryan let go of the YES! Lock leading to Kane chokeslamming him for the win.  It appears that AJ is using both Punk and Kane to teach Bryan a lesson and maybe that will come into account later.

5.  Is it bad that I wasn’t sure who was going to lose between Zack Ryder and Heath Slater?  At one point, Ryder was red-hot, but let’s face it… the WWE has completely buried him.

6.  I liked the group celebration between Ryder and Foley considering they are both from Long Island, but why not do this union last Monday in Long Island?  The fans would’ve probably erupted with their two hometown boys in the ring at the same time.

7.  I’m a fan of both the Primetime Players and The Usos, but why haven’t The Usos gotten a real push?  They have a unique look, an awesome tag team entrance, and even heritage to back them up.  Maybe they should dance with yellow and black sunglasses before their matches; it worked for their dad.

8.  Whoaaa!  A video package showing what happened between the Tag Team #1 Contenders at No Way Out, an actual competitive tag team match, and then a brawl backstage?  If WWE isn’t careful, they might actually make a division!  But where are the tag team champs?  I heard that R-Truth has a broken foot, but we haven’t seen either one of them very much the last few weeks.

9.  Santino.  What in the world was that?  A ‘random’ fan from the audience comes into the ring and makes-out with Santino?  Is she a new diva…?

10.  And another great match to wrap up the show with Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler.  Overall a great show with three very solid matches in Sheamus/Dolph, Kane/Byran, and Del Rio/Christian.  Still not quite as good as TNA though.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!


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