Rasslin’ Roundtable – Ten Years of TNA Impact Wrestling! (Part 3) – Biggest Acquisitions, Biggest Busts

Welcome to week three of the celebration of TNA’s ten year existence.  The first week we discussed the top 5 biggest mistakes and top 5 biggest successes.  The second week we discussed the best moments/matches of TNA and the most cringe-worthy moments/matches.  This week we will be discussing the best acquisitions and biggest busts of TNA’s existence.

Best Acquisitions

Steven Gepp

5)  Rob Van Dam
                RVD just scrapes into this list, as he has had some good matches, but he has had some awful ones, and his recent absence was not really missed by anyone.

4)  Mick Foley
                Foley had an interesting run in TNA. While his match quality was not high, he at least seemed to give a stuff in the ring and in the backstage skits. And he had enough fans to bring along to the party with him. I know he didn’t bump the ratings, and I know he left WWE because of issues which have since been resolved, but it was like a working holiday for him, and he seemed – most of the time – to really enjoy his stay there.

3)  Victoria/Tara
                I thought Tara would bring some legitimacy to the Knockouts Division which was starting to look like skanks-R-us a lot of the time. And she did for a while, pulling out some good matches, some good angles, etc. Then Mickie James came in, Tara got lost in the shuffle and, well, these things happen. But I still think she had the skills to match Kong and Kim, and so make the Knockouts look like women’s wrestling, and not a cheerleader tryout for an XFL team.

2)  Sting
                Sure, he has had some of the worst main events in PPVs. Sure, he is old. But he is a name, he can still go in the ring (sort of), and the fact he has never been to WWF/E also says something about him, something that I don’t think TNA use enough to their advantage. A name who can actually still wrestle.

1)  Dudley Boys
                Who would have thought it? They continued their amazing tag team run, and then were split up, leading to Bully Ray being the most over heel in the company (even if I don’t like his matches, plenty do), and Devon looking recently like the best shape he’s been in since the TLC days. They can still go in that ring and they still clearly have a passion for the business. Strong acquisitions which have ticked all the right boxes.

Jake Ziegler

5)  Jeff Hardy

4)  Sting

3)  Christian Cage

2)  Hulk Hogan

1)  Kurt Angle

Biggest Busts

Steven Gepp

This was tough to condense to five.

Honourable Mention: Raven
                I don’t think he was used well, and he was out of shape, but he did bring something to the table.

Honourable Mention: Jeff Hardy
                While he has won titles, his in-ring work has been generally sub-par. However, he has fans and brings in those fans, so he isn’t a complete bust.

5)  Cheex
                What can you say about a 450lb guy who could barely walk, and once broke the ropes when he ran (term used loosely) them?

4)  The Nasty Boys
                Knobbs and Sags came in briefly with Hogan, were used only briefly, feuding with team 3D, and then being released for [multiple choice quiz]: (a) doing something stupid at a Spike TV function, (b) upsetting people backstage, (c) getting into a fight with Ric Flair at a bar, (d) being crap in the ring, or (e) all of the above.

3)  Scott Hall
                Just a waste of everyone’s time and money.

2)  Orlando Jordan
                Wrapped in police tape, of ambiguous sexuality, sitting on couches, accompanied by people of both genders… hang on, did he actually wrestle? Did he? Because that sure as hell isn’t what his TNA run is remembered for, and you’d think as a wrestler you’d want at least one in-ring highlight.

1)  Ken Anderson
                Sure, he says things that some people think are cool. And he’s won a world title. But he appeared with such hype and fanfare and everything else that he should be the most over man on the roster. He isn’t, and apart from calling fans “assholes”, he’s barely resonated with the audience. And they still pin their hopes on the guy.

Jake Ziegler

5)  Taz

4)  Rob Van Dam

3)  Mr. Anderson

2)  Ric Flair

1)  Mick Foley

This is the third part of a four part series with next week being the finale.  Thanks for reading and be sure to check in next week for the final read on the discussion of TNA’s first decade.  Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below on who you thought were the biggest busts and acquisitions for TNA.

Thanks for reading!

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