10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 06.25.2012: John Cena, Chris Jericho, Big Show, AJ

For the first time ever in two years (©Vicki Guerrero) – here are the top 10 + 2 thoughts from last night’s Raw!

1.)  Granted, I’m no billionaire wrestling/sports entertainment promoter – but I think that advertising the elimination 3-way match between CM Punk, Kane and Daniel Bryan beforehand would have been a savvy marketing move.  These three men continue to deliver, and I was very happy to see a Punk/Bryan 1-on-1 match for Money in the Bank.

2A.) I love that they explained why Brodus Clay was allowed back on Raw.  It is those little touches that add so much.  I was watching the “Best of the Clash of the Champions” on Netflix this weekend, and they showed the classic Sting/Ric Flair 45-minute draw from Clash I.  The announcers told the audience that if this match ended early, they had two matches ready to go on stand by.  It is that attention to detail that adds so much and doesn’t give away the ending.

2B.) Speaking of Brodus – did he violate the Wellness Policy or poop in someone’s gym bag?  He seems to be getting punked out a lot lately.

(Note: I wrote that BEFORE Clay got clobbered by the Big Show during the commercial break.)

3.) The Make-A-Wish stuff is awesome.  I truly mean that – John Cena is a phenomenal human being for all of the work he does with that organization.  However, since it’s the WWE, I always feel like there is some transparency issues – like they are showing footage like this with an agenda.  Whether it is to silence Cena’s haters, to promote their mainstream publicity with “Good Morning America”, or to assist Cena with his upcoming divorce – I can’t solidly believe that the WWE doesn’t have their own best interests at heart.

4.) God, I forgot about Chris Jericho’s “Price is Right” name tag when Bob Barker guest hosted.  That was incredible.

5.) So…Zack Ryder is cool with Cena again?  I guess a broken back, broken leg and a broken heart < a random appearance on Raw.

6.) Sorry – but Cena’s Yoda impersonation and his breaking of character afterwards made me mark out.  I still feel dirty about it, but I had to tell you guys.

7.) Psycho Sid is NOT HD friendly.  Even Wendi Richter thinks Sid looked a little rough around the edges.

8.) Dolph Ziggler’s shirt looks like it was made at a county fair.

9.) The “Raw Memory” segment with Mick Foley brought back memories of THE most overrated segment in Raw history:  the “This is Your Life” with the Rock.  God – I hated that segment when it was happening, and I hate it now.  I know it got ratings and people were changing the channel – but man, it was awful.  I still can’t stand watching it.

10.) I think I would rather watch a Vicki Guerrero/AJ Iron Man match than see the new “Madea” movie.

11A.) So – Jericho, Kane, Big Show and Cena in the Money in the Bank match?  The WWE used to use MITB to make new stars or change things up (Edge, Punk, Bryan, Swagger) – now its back to the status quo.  If Cena wins MITB, the Internet will cave in on itself like a dying star.

11B.)  Want to know why the WWE titles are worthless?  Because Cena is entering the MITB match to stop the Big Show, not to win the title.

12.) Almost exactly five years after the most horrific event in professional wrestling, the WWE decided to commemorate the Chris Benoit tragedy by ending their flagship show with the image of Big Show choking out John Cena.  Be A Star, WWE!

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