I, Vampire Stakes a New Claim

I, Vampire was one of many cards in DC’s new deck of 52 that dared to be different. The original¬† House of Mystery title was intended as a backup feature, and soon overtook the title. The reimagining is no different, with the first issue marking the 78th best selling comic in September 2011 by units, as Joshua Hale Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino presented one of the most interesting and original stories seen in the new DCU. The risk is well rewarded as the title approaches a year of success and avoiding the editorial axe.

Newsarama published an interview with Fialkov, where the writer offered a tantalizing hint for issue #10:

    “Well, I’m from Pittsburgh, which is the birthplace of the modern zombie, so anytime I can find a way to bring the good ol’ living dead into a book, I’m totally there. But, the way we do it in the book is so much more fun than just plain old zombies. They show up at the end of issue #10, so, get ready for a blast…The beginning of a great and epic war. And Andrew and Mary beating the living crap out of each other. It’s one of my favorite issues we’ve done thus far.”

In addition to explaining where the soap opera horror title is heading, Fialkov also glosses over his contribution to the DCU’s mythical rulebook.

Read the full interview here, and read I, Vampire.

Have you followed this book since the relaunch, or did you stick with the old standbys?

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Source: Newsrama: Origins of the Undead in I, VAMPIRE #0