Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact 6.28.12 (AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian)

– I’m surprised they’re still allowed to get away with the “asshole” gimmick with the move to 8pm.

– Bully Ray vs Samoa Joe could be awesomely stiff but I’m guessing “Joseph Park” is involved somehow.

– Ok match to open up the show but I’m just not a fan of these two guys’ work.

– Great idea to bring back some old X-Division guys and some new faces for the PPV. The last couple of years, Destination X has felt special. It’s the other 11 months where TNA tends to drop the ball on the division.

– I thought this story would be over last week. Why do we need to see this terrible actress again?

– So Kaz DIDN’T know this was all a lie?

– Nice to Sonjay Dutt back on the big stage and Rubix has a very cool look.

– That was an INSANE footstomp!

– If this girl gets a Gut Check contract, all legitimacy of this idea will go out the window. Look up my last week Quips to see what I thought of her performance.

– Ok, I’ll list my opinion here: her offense was sloppy, her defense was stiff and her selling was weak. There’s no way she is ready for a national stage.

– Mat wrestling match between Bully Ray & Samoa Joe… that makes sense.

– Saw that coming but really liked the re-establishment of Samoa Joe as dangerous.

– Good thing they are doing these “Claire” and Dixie in a pre-tape because neither of these two women should be given a live mic.

– Hey, check out this Mason Andrews! Color me impressed!

– And he’s jobbed. He better pick up a contract or someone else will.

– Nice way to promote next week’s main event. Jeff Hardy vs James Storm should bring in a respectable number.

– Joey Ryan in the crowd was freaking fantastic. Definitely seems like TNA signed behind closed doors.

– Gut Check just totally lost all creditably with signing Taeler & the Joey Ryan spot. All a complete work.

– If you are itching for a good tag match, go find a place to watch AJ/Angle vs Kaz/Daniels from Slammiversary. Unbelievable.

– Well now I did NOT see that coming. Styles and Angle held the belts for all of two weeks.

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