10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 6.28.12 – Bound for Glory Series, AJ’s Revenge, X Division Intensifies, Taeler Hendrix, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray

Welcome to my 10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling!  I’ve really been enjoying this show lately and I hope they keep it up tonight!  Oh!  And tomorrow I will be live at Friday Night SmackDown!  Cena vs Big Show in a STEEL CAGE!  It’s okay, you’re more than welcome to come with me.  Anyways…

1.  Well so far I’m still into this Bound for Glory series, but how did some of those points get on the board?  Suddenly Daniels has 5 points?  Are they including house shows into this?  I’m not sure I agree with that as it feels like an out in order to cheat.  Like Goldberg’s streak.

2.  Austin Aries reminds me so much of CM Punk it’s crazy, and the ‘Option C’ is still a phenomenal idea.  It makes the X-Division title extremely important and similar to how important the Royal Rumble match is to the WWE.

3.  Sonjay Dutt vs Rubix.  One thing I do like about TNA is they don’t annoy the hell out of you with promo videos for new stars.  They just show up and this is a perfect example.  Sonjay Dutt has been in the company before and is pretty great from what I remember.  On the other hand, we have Rubix who is totally new to TNA, but we didn’t need a month to advertise him debuting.  Both men looked great in this match with an INSANE looking backflip double foot stomp for the win.

4.  Well so far Samoa Joe is doing the complete opposite of last year’s Bound for Glory series as Samoa Joe is on a roll and not in the negatives.  Samoa Joe defeats Bully Ray by submission thanks to a distraction by Joseph Park.

5.  Yeesh… this angle between this addict is pretty horrendous.  Last week I didn’t think it was too bad, but it just feels like it was them writing out of a corner after realizing how bad it was making two of their top faces look.

6.  Rashard Cameron vs. Mason Andrews.  A great match between two absolutely new stars who dropped a few moves, but overall looked better than the first qualifying match between Dutt and Rubix.  Rashard Cameron has a very distinct look as well as pretty good mic skills as he cut an efficient heel promo post-match.  Mason Andrews also looked great, but looked more green in the ring.

7.  Taeler Hendrix earns her Gut Check and passes into earning her contract with the company.  Altogether she looked sound in the ring and had a good face persona.  Good enough to win Gut Check.

8.  During her Gut Check, Joey Ryan showed up in the crowd and that just solidified his entire run as a gimmick.  Hell, I wouldn’t be too shocked to find out that he was behind the Sting mugging as an homage to WWE’s Nexus.

9.  I thought the Kaz face turn seemed fishy, but it was executed well as we now have new TNA Tag Team Champions in Daniels and Kaz.  This was a great match too as Kaz gave AJ the go-ahead to finish Daniels off before laying AJ out with a steel chair allowing Daniels to lay across him for the three count.

10.  Well they threw in a baby angle to enhance the intrigue behind this storyline, but I’m not sure anyone really cares about this woman other than Dixie and AJ helped her through a tough addiction.

Altogether not a bad episode with some phenomenal wrestling and good storyline progression.  We’ll see next week if TNA can keep up this great streak.  Thanks for reading…

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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