Rabblecast #280 WWE and Charlie Sheen Team Up, TNA Buyrates

WWE has announced, Charlie Sheen as their Social Media Ambassador for their 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW. In what seems like an odd pairing due to WWE’s current “PG era”, the goal is to tap into Charlie Sheen’s massive group of fans and followers. At current, Charlie Sheen has over 12 million fans across the various Social Media platforms(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). No doubt WWE hopes to use that number to their advantage as they are looking to make their 1000th episode feel like a massive Monday night pay per view.

TNA is receiving good news in the form of increased buyrates for their latest PPV offering. Their Slammivesary PPV is said to have done almost double what they did last year. Overall TNA did better than their usual PPV performance. Are they striking a certain chord with their fans? Did some of the recent announcements make fans want to see more? Can this be a continuing trend for the “alternative” company?

Let’s see who we have in the, Independent Wrestling news bag. We be talking about: Extreme Rising, NWA, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, NOAH, Florida Championship Wrestling, and Ring of Honor!


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We are, The Rabblecast.


On this week’s show:


  • Ric Flair’s involved in another domestic dispute
  • Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon, not talking to each other
  • Psycho Sid, returns to RAW. Why can’t everyone just be happy for him?
  • Independent Woman’s Wrestler, Missy Sampson joins us on-air!


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