10 Thoughts on WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown! – 7.3.12 – Great American Bash, Twenty Man Battle Royal, Zack Ryder

Welcome to my ten thoughts on WWE Friday Tuesday Night SmackDown!  My apologies for not having ten thoughts on last week’s show, but I was actually at a WWE House Show on Friday night and was gone most of the weekend.  Now this show’s theme is ‘The Great American Bash.’  So expect legends, cook-outs, and flags.  Without further delay…

1.  We started off the show with Alberto del Rio attacking the audience declaring that he was going to send them back where they came from.  He then proceeded to question random members of the audience as to the whereabouts of their immigration papers.  Sheamus would then attack, but only to have Del Rio get the upper hand with the help of Ricardo Rodriguez.  With the destruction of Sin Cara on Monday and then this destruction of Sheamus, all of the momentum seems to be in favor of Alberto del Rio.  With that being said, I can’t see Sheamus losing at Money in the Bank.

2.  The Great Khali and Layla defeat Antonio Cesaro and Aksana.  This was a revenge match for Teddy Long as he’s been forced to endure his former affection, Aksana swoon over her new lover Antonio.  It also gave Antonio Cesaro his first loss, but he wasn’t pinned and it could develop into a rift between him and Aksana.

3.  Not surprising to see Cody Rhodes going over Christian as Cody needs something to do at Money in the Bank.  It would be interesting to see him win the briefcase at the PPV though.  It would finally be something to move him up the card.

4.  I will admit, I jumped a little when A-Ry nailed that dropkick right out of the gate and got almost three.  I thought we were going to see a huge surprise, but alas Dolph won and moved on to fill out the Money in the Bank ladder match for the World Title.  You have to say he’s a big favorite.

5.  I have enjoyed these AJ segments, but it seems like it’s going nowhere now.  Bryan ditched her, Kane ditched her, and Punk thinks she’s a lunatic, but what’s the end game?  She totally screws up the main event at the PPV?  I’m just not sure if the end product will be anything of worth.  Hmm… imagine that.  A WWE angle fizzling out at the end.

6.  Michael Cole.  Just no.

7.  Nothing wrong with having a little Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Duggan in the mix for The Great American Bash.  They were involved in a quick 6-man tag match that resulted in Team America ft. Little Italy defeating Hunico, Camacho, and Drew McIntyre.

8.  Granted it was probably just for a night, but it was nice to see Zack Ryder getting the upper hand over his enemy for once.  When was the last time that that happened?

9.  Finally!  Ryback moves on to some competition that isn’t a jobber… well… isn’t a jobber that we’ve never heard of before… I mean.  Curt Hawkins is a step above some random duo with really bad mic skills.

10.  Zack Ryder is back!  First Zack Ryder knocks the smug Darren Sandow down a peg as he interrupts the backstage 4th of July BBQ and then he wins the main event battle royal on this special SmackDown by eliminating Kane as the final foe.  Plus he will be the Guest GM next week on SmackDown.  Glad to see Zack Ryder as relevant again.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments in the section below.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap.

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