Ring Of Honor TV Recap: 06.09.2012 (Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, World’s Greatest Tag Team)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “That Guy, it’s July. What the frak?” Think of this as a way of getting you up to speed on R.O.H.

Previously on R.O.H. (6/9/2012)….

The show opens with a recap of last week’s segment involving Jim Cornette, Davey Richards & Kevin Steene. Richards says that he’s not a member of “Camp Cornette” and if he doesn’t get to kick Steene’s ass to get the title back he’ll kick Jim’s. Cornette grants him the opportunity but if he fails then he doesn’t get another one as long as Steene is the heavyweight champion. Davey tells Kevin that he’s a brand new blood-thirsty wolf who will become his worst nightmare.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini vs. Matt Taven

Wow “The Book of Truth” is thick. I’ve seen phone books that weren’t half as bulky. You could really hurt someone with that thing. Anyway Martini joins the booth to dispel rumors of dissention in The House of Truth and to issue a challenge to The Briscoes to face his mystery team. In the ring Taven ducks some wild swings and connects with a dropkick. Elgin just shrugs it off and floors Taven with a hard shoulder block. A drop toe hold to the middle rope leaves Elgin in the perfect position for a springboard-dropkick. Mike recovers though and catches Matt with a gamengiri, which the production crew almost misses because we need to see Martini talking for some reason (man I hate that), climbs the second turnbuckle and pulls Matt up off the apron for a stalling super-ish plex for a pair of 2-counts. That was awesome. A pair of kicks to the head gets another 2-count. Did I mention how thick Martini’s fake book is? ‘cause it’s really thick. Matt fights back and attempts a frankensteiner but Mike halts his momentum and attempts a power bomb. Mike slips out but gets a backdrop suplex for his troubles and Elgin gets another 2-count. Elgin sits on Taven’s back and applies a chin lock but Taven counters with a jawbreaker. Matt nails a pair of big boots but Elgin won’t go down. Taven attempts another big boot but Elgin catches his foot and expels the taste from his mouth with the rolling elbow. Elgin hits the ropes but Taven follows and hits a springboard enzuigiri. A spin kick finally floors Elgin but this only gets a 2-count. Taven pulls Elgin up but finds himself being thrown into the corner. Taven catches a charging Elgin with a foot to the face and ascends to the second turnbuckle for a jumping sunset flip. Elgin rolls through and dead-lifts Taven for the turnbuckle power bomb He then uses a spinning sit-out power bomb to end the match at 5m 46sec. He didn’t even cover the arms. So disrespectful.

They decide to cut to the locker room with someone named Vera Scott. Huh, she’s a nice-looking redhead, with glasses….

*5 minutes later*

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, so my new infatuation is interviewing Eddie Edwards. Eddie talks about his rivalry with Davey (which is currently 2-1 Richards) and

how it’s important for him to win tonight to continue building momentum for a future heavyweight championship match.

A recap from the tag-titles match from “Border Wars” is shown. Haas & Benjamin won the titles from The Briscoes after Haas rendered Mark unconscious by smothering him with a towel socked in an ether-like substance. Charlie’s interpretation is different though as he recalls him being covered in chicken grease and needing to be wiped clean with disinfectant before passing out from a sleeper hold. Nigel describes The World’s Greatest Tag Team’s actions as taking an Eartha Kitt on the values of R.O.H. Wait a minute, isn’t she dead? The fuck McGuinness?  T.W.G.T.T. make their way to the ring and boast about their victory. They say that if their opponents for the upcoming “Best In The World,” The All-Night Express, were as good as they claimed to be then Rhett Titus’s knee injury shouldn’t have stopped them from claiming the titles. The Express hits the ring…oiled-up. I also think that Rhett is wearing a thong. Awkwaaaard. Kenny King promises to make their old-asses old news. W.G.T.T. blows them off and tries to leave but a brawl erupts. King hits Benjamin with a caporera kick and Titus adds a dropkick. Rhett covers Benj. and King counts to three. W.G.T.T. bails as A.N.E. celebrate.

They go over some of the matches for B.I.T.W. and we get a few words from some of the competitors:

  • Strong complains about having to face Ciampa at B.I.T.W. and on T.V. next week. The Embassy explains that Ciampa’s “strong insistance” on winning the T.V. title led to a change-in-course. Lethal makes fun of Ciampa’s & Strong’s whining and tells the 2 to man-up.
  • O’Reilly’s hybrid match with Cole isn’t about beating him since he’s already done that. He just wants to hurt him. The stipulation doesn’t matter to Cole and he’ll prove who the better wrestler is.

Steve Corino joins the commentary team to provide unbiased commentary. He then proceeds to verbally fellate Steen. Hypocrisy, how I love thee.


The pair exchange arm holds and drags. They both go for toe kicks and catch each others’ foot. Then they slooooooooowly lower the others’ leg. They eventually end up running the ropes and Richards catches Edwards with a spinning wheel kick during an attempted leap frog and Edwards rolls outside. Richards tries to join him but Edwards rolls back inside the ring. Davey catches him coming off of the ropes with a big boot but when he tries to follow-up Eddie rolls back outside the ring. The earlier sequence almost repeats itself but this time it’s Eddie who strikes with a running single leg drop kick as Davey tries to climb back in. A shining gamengiri gets 2 for Edwards. Davey catches Eddie coming-in with a boot to the face and climbs the turnbuckle but gets another Gamengiri. Edwards goes for the backpack jawbreaker but Richards turns it into a cross armbar. Edwards gets the rope break and they end up on the apron exchanging blows. Eddie appears to have the advantage but Davey catches his left arm, twist it and drops him shoulder-first on the apron. Richards is in control as they take a break.

Back from the intermission Davey is really heeling-it-up taunting the crowd. He goes to work on Edwards shoulder with low kicks and a hammerlock backdrop suplex which gets 2. Davey uses the bridging rings-of-Saturn. Well he tries to but can’t maintain the hold so he locks-in an easier one that Nigel calls the Tim’s Barrier. Eddie rolls him onto his shoulders for a 2-count. Edwards is thrown shoulder-first into the top turnbuckle and takes several elbow strikes to his…uh elbow. A suplex attempt by Davey is blocked and he’s whipped towards the ropes. He attempts a handspring back elbow but Edwards catches him and uses what I can best describe as a leg-capture belly-to-back inverted face buster. Edwards throws Richards outside and joins him with a suicide dive. A missile dropkick gets 2. They exchange chops and kicks. Edwards ducks a reverse crescent kick and hooks Richards’s arms for a tiger suplex which gets 2. Edwards goes up top but Richards stops him in his tracks with a punch to the gut. Multiple head-butts allows Richards to hit the superplex. He maintains the hold to execute the falcon arrow and transitions into a second cross armbar. Edwards counters with the single-leg boston crab but Richards counters that with an ankle lock. Edwards kicks him in the face to break the hold and the 2 simultaneously hit a big boot on each other, twice. Richards goes for the crucifix pin but turns it into another cross arm bar. Edwards gets Richards on his back and they exchange multiple pinning predicaments. Back on their feet Edwards lands a knife-edge chop to the chest. Richards catches Edwards coming off the ropes, throws him straight-up and punts him in the chest. Edwards, still on his feet, hits the super kick. Richards scores with a reverse hook kick, Edwards chops Richards on the neck, Richards responds with a discus lariat and both mean finally start selling are down. They get back to their feet at the count of 7 and battle for control in the corner. Edwards gets the upper hand and uses a fireman’s carry face-buster(?) from the middle rope and another chop to the neck for a 2-count. Richards avoids a diving double-foot stomp and uses the momentum from a victory roll to trap Edwards in the ankle lock. Edwards kicks him off but this time Richards hits the ropes and lands a hard punt kick to the chest. Richards jumps onto the ring apron and…huh. So apparently Jimmy Jacobs came out at some point. Jacobs climbs onto the ring but Richards kicks him off. He goes for a dropkick but Edwards catches his feet and uses them to get the jackknife pin and the victory at 16m 36sec. 18m 36sec if you include the commercial break. After the match Richards tries to raise Edwards left arm and Eddie ask him, “Are you serious bro?” Ok he didn’t say that but he does remind him that it’s hurt so he should raise his right one which he does. Eddie basks in the afterglow as Davey heads to the back and the show closes.

Well that’s it for now. Good day folks.

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