Ring Of Honor TV Recap: 06.23.2012 (Kevin Steen, Jay Lethal, Davey Richards, The Briscoes)

Previously on R.O.H. TV….

The show opens with footage from last week’s bout between Cage & Bennett and the aftermath that resulted in tonight’s opening match.

“Brutal Bob Evans” w/ Mike Bennett & Maria vs. Eddie Edwards

Evans tries to catch Edwards by surprise with a right hand but he ducks and lights up his chest with knife-edge chops. The 2 trade blows and Evans throws Richards to the floor. Outside Evans is thrown into the barricade and takes a running big boot. Bennett distracts Edwards as he climbs into the ring and Evans takes advantage with a shoulder block. Eddie is snapmarred (if that’s not a word it is now) down and takes a pair of knee drops to the chest. A third one connects with his face and Evans grinds his face with it. He tries to fight off of his back with forearm shots but is cut-off by a double axe handle to the chest. Edwards is thrown around with a move that can best be described as Evans trying to pick him up for a scoop slam but he just says “fuck it” and drops him on his back. An elbow drop gets a 1-count. Edwards fights out of a front face-lock and pins Evans with a sunset flip. This only gets 1 as Evans rolls over and applies a sleeper hold. Edwards gets to his feet and they exchange blows. Evans yells at Edwards telling him to fight and fight he does as he backs him into a corner and assaults him with machine gun chops. Evans gets a franken-steiner and Edwards climbs to the top rope. A dropkick gets 2 for Edwards. Evans is whipped toward the ropes but Edwards lowers his head too soon and gets kicked in the chest. Evans tries to follow-up but Edwards jumps onto the ring apron behind his back. When Evans realizes this he goes for the spear but Edwards leapfrogs him and he crashes. Edwards goes for a moonsault but he grazes Evans who sells it anyway. Back in the ring Edwards tries to hit a top rope double-foot stomp but Evans moves out of the way. He charges but Edwards falls backwards while simultaneously grabbing Evan’s waist and rolls through to apply a single-leg Boston crab. Bennett distracts Edwards and he breaks the hold to go after him. Evans tries to get a surprise school boy pin but Edwards quickly gets to his feet and uses a back-slide for the win at 5m 30sec. After the match Bennett attacks Edwards and Evans joins in. Homicide comes out and fights them off. He extends his hand to Edwards and he’s reluctant to shake it at first but eventually does so. Homicide shows his opponent for B.I.T.W. some major respect. Oh wait it was a ruse a Homicide kicks him in the stomach and lays him out with a Gringo Killer. He says something to the camera but the only thing I understand is “I’m Homicide.” He covers Edwards with his vest, stands over him and throws up the L.A. sign.

There’s a replay of Homicide attack Edwards and a video package for the triple-threat match for the T.V. Title at B.I.T.W.

“Psychedelic Superstar” Chris Silvio vs. Jay Lethal

Silvio applies a headlock, Jay pushes him off but a shoulder block takes him down. The 2 run the ropes and Lethal catches Silvio with an inverted atomic drop during a leap-frog. A lariat gets 1 for Lethal. He gets thrown into a corner but catapults Silvio over the top rope to the apron and knocks him to the floor with a triangle dropkick. He goes for the baseball slide and misses but still maintains control with right hands and chops. Prince Nana & R.D. Evans come out and stand on the ramp to watch the match. Lethal notices and that momentary lapse in concentration is all Silvio needs to ram him face-first into a ring post. Uh oh, it looks like Jay is going to be counted-out. *30 seconds later* This is the slowest 10-count I’ve ever seen. Silvio breaks the count and comes off the apron with a double-axe handle. He lay into Jay some more with right hands. Silvio throws him back into the ring and gets a pair of 2-counts. Truth Martini comes out and starts conversing with Evans & Nana. Lethal starts to fight back but gets denied via a spinning leg sweep and a jumping elbow drop. Silvio descends from the top with a leg drop but only gets 2. Lethal feeds on the crowd energy and breaks out of a front face lock. The combatants exchange blows and Silvio puts Lethal in another face lock but ends up getting back-body dropped. He floors Silvio with a lariat and back elbow. The camera cuts to show that Ciampi has come out to talk to Nana. Hey guys in the truck, there’s a match in progress. Back in the ring Lethal…they just showed the meeting on the ramp again. BACK IN THE RING Silvio sends Jay to the ropes and he takes advantage by executing a handspring back elbow. *sigh* There were 3 cuts to show the mini-convention at the entrance. That’s just ridiculous. Lethal ducks a running lariat and does another handspring. I bet he gets counte- oooooh he just used a cutter. I’ve never seen that before. Lethal goes for the pin and that’s it. They cut to the ramp again but since the match is over I don’t mind. Ciampi shoves Martini to the floor and Roderick Strong comes out almost immediately after and they go at it. Strong rolls into the ring and Lethal greets him with a right. Ciampi comes in and he and Lethal go at. Eventually all 3 men are fighting each other and officials and managers try to break it up as they head to commercial.

There’s more build-up for the iP.P.V. We hear some thoughts from T.W.G.T.T., The Briscoes, Truth Martini, Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs, and Jim Cornette. Jim says the package pile-driver will be legal.

Veda Scott interviews Richards & O’Reily. Well she tries to but David gets in Kyle’s face and tells him to stop whining and take action. Hey Davey no one is going to cut the mic. off so  you don’t have to talk so fast all of the time.

Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reily

The competitors come to blows before the introductions are finished. Richards & Steen fight on one side, Jacobs & O’Reily on the other. O’Reily gets thrown shoulder-first in a ring post. Richards & Steen get back in the ring and start trading blows. A spinning back kick gives Davey the advantage but he gets pulled out of the ring by Jacobs when he hits the ropes. O’Reily comes in and hits the Yakuza Kenka kick on Steen and they go back-and-forth on the outside. Steen put Kyle in position for a pile-driver but Richards kicks him in the chest with a punt kick from the apron. Then he drives Jacobs into the barricade with a suicide dive and O’Reily flies off the apron with a jumping knee strike to Steen who decided to sit in a chair to try to regain his bearings. Steen is thrown back into the ring and gets a diving double-foot-stomp from Richards. Davey sits on his chest and hooks his left leg for a pinning predicament. When Steen kicks out Richards immediately applies the ankle lock. Jacobs pulls Richards out of the ring and throws him into the barricade. O’Reily throws him into the chair that Steen was sitting in earlier. He goes for a franken-steiner on Steen but ends up getting his lower vertebrae decimated by a power-bomb onto the ring edge. Steen is the only man left standing as they take their final commercial break.

Steen throws O’Reily into the barricade as we rejoin the action. Jacobs does the same to Richards. Back in the squared-circle (there’s an oxymoron for ya’) Kyle takes a neck breaker from Jacobs. He then uses the top rope to help him jump up-and-down on Kyle’s torso 4 times before dropping an elbow. Richards tries to climb back in but gets a baseball slide from Jacobs for his efforts. Steen bites O’Reily’s left ear in the corner and then whips him chest-first into the opposite one. Steen throws Kyle onto the middle rope and sits on his neck. He tells Jacobs to attack Steen and he does, by lightly pushing him into the barricade. A body slam and senton splash from Steen gets 2. Jacobs takes O’Reily to a corner, throws his skirt over I’m not going to finish typing that. Jacobs tries to walk him back to his corner but O’Reily uses a school boy which only gets 2. Steen & Jacobs go for a double back drop suplex but Kyle flips out of it and Richards finally gets back into the match with a double clothesline. Jacobs & Steen stumble into a corner & Richards connects with running forearms to both. He then lights-up Steen’s chest with roundhouse kicks. Steen goes for a super-kick but Davey blocks it, or maybe he just didn’t sell (I’ve read that he does that a lot), and hits a reverse hook kick and a German suplex for 2. He uses the ankle lock again and Jacobs breaks that up only this time he uses a front face-lock combined with a body scissors hold. O’Reily makes the save with another Kenka kick. Richards rolls to the floor to catch his breath and O’Reily joins him after being back body dropped over the top rope by Jacobs. He lands on his feet though and pulls Jacobs out there with him. Steen doesn’t want to be left out so he takes to the skies with a somersault plancha and everyone is down. Eventually Steen and Richards end up on the apron and Steen takes an exploder suplex there. Jacobs pulls Richards off the top turnbuckle and gets swatted-away with a head-butt. Richards tries to climb back into the ring but gets his junk smacked by the middle rope when Steen kicks it. Steen steps onto the apron and gets Richards in a fireman’ carry. O’Reily tries to make the save but gets cut-off by Jacobs face-lock & body scissors maneuver. Richards escapes and goes for another exploder but Steen grabs the top rope. O’Reily runs Jacobs into the ropes and knocks his partner and Steen off. He and Jacobs battle on the edge of the ring and O’Reily finds himself in the submission move he just escaped. Only this time he loses his balance and gets put through a table with a d.d.t. Referee Todd Sinclair calls for the bell and declares this a no-contest at 10m & 37sec. Kyle & Jimmy are laid out as Steen and Richards continue to brawl. One of the referees gets too close and gets a front kick from Richards. I don’t know why I find that humorous but I do. Officials and fellow wrestlers try to keep the 2 apart as the show closes.

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