THE RAGER! The OTHER Money in the Bank Match (Damien Sandow, Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd)

Last week, I voiced my displeasure over the Money in the Bank match that was announced on Raw last week. Since then, “the other” Money in the Bank match started to take shape and I suppose it would be only fair for me to share my feelings on that match as well.

Just from a general standpoint (salute), I am more hopeful about this match as compared to the “former WWE champions” match but the Smackdown MitB match has its faults as well.

Damien Sandow: This was a pleasant surprise, to be honest. We hadn’t seen much of Sandow other than quick matches on Smackdown. However, from what I’ve seen, I started to rally around this guy and I’m glad to see him get a push right out the gate. This is a surprise to me because he defeated Zack Ryder to get it. I know Ryder doesn’t really seem to be in the good graces of Vince at the moment and barely gets TV time but it just seems odd that a newcomer is chosen over a guy that’s just coming off the biggest push of his career thus far (of course Ryder winning this 20 man thing on Smackdown notwithstanding). But the fact that we haven’t seen much of Sandow so far is something that fuels my curiosity on just how he will perform in MitB. I give this a positive Rage Face.

Tyson Kidd: Talk about a surprise. First of all, Swagger just seems to be in the same boat as Ryder but minus the part about coming off a push (it was more like a sideways-nudge from being Ziggler’s sidekick). It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kidd was picked for this spot. For one, he’s coming off some impressive showings at the past 2 PPVS, they may have not been major spots but they were really quality spots nonetheless. And then you add in the fact that WWE always likes to have an acrobatic guy involved in the match. JoMo got canned, Kofi is doing the tag team thing, Evan Bourne is still airing out (see what I did there?), and lets not even talk about how badly Shelton Benjamin has been missed when it comes to spots like these. But with that said, Tyson Kidd seems to be the perfect candidate to fill that void and I think he will get a big chance here to ‘wow’ the audience that isn’t all that familiar with him. I give this a positive Rage Face as well.

Christian: You know, every MitB match seems to need a veteran of these particular matches and Christian is definitely that and then some. That being said, I’m feeling kinda indifferent because I don’t really see him having that big of spots in this nor do I really expect him to win. Honestly, I believe this will be a tool to further his feud with Cody and if that leads to more matches like the one they had a No Way Out, I’m all for it. However, for the MitB match itself, I’m gonna have to give this one an indifferent Rage Face.

Santino: No…just no. Ragiest of Rage Faces.

Tensai: I believe having Tensai in this match is the cause of either (or both) of two scenarios. Firstly, once in a while, WWE will throw in wrestlers that really don’t have much of a place in a MitB match (Big Show, Mark Henry, to a lesser extent Kane). This is Vince’s infatuation with the freak factor over “the big guy” having a hand in everything and in this case, it’s the big guy trying to get up a ladder. Tensai isn’t a huge guy but he’s also not tiny and I don’t picture him to be a ladder match kind of guy. The second scenario is that this is the last effort to make something work out of this Tensai character. Almost as if it’s the last thing to be thrown at the wall to see if something finally sticks. That being said, sure he might could pull off something impressive in this match, I just wouldn’t put my money on it. I give this a quite negative Rage Face.

Cody Rhodes: I have yet to watch the “Great American Bash” Smackdown but I did get a brief rundown of the results. Anyone that has been reading my columns over the course of the last few months should know that I am very pleased to see him in this match. Also, I find it impressive to put him over Christian to qualify (again, I haven’t watched so I don’t exactly know how clean that win was). As always, I can hope this leads to a main even level push but, as I said in Christian’s write-up, I see it more likely to extend the feud with Christian and I am quite alright with that but eventually Rhodes is definitely going to need a bigger push. I give this a positive Rage Face.

Dolph Ziggler: Obviously, this is a great choice and I fully expect Ziggler to end up being the winner. I’m sure he will make everyone in this match look like a million bucks while looking like he has a few million of his own. I won’t go as far as to say that he will have spot of the match because usually they don’t try to reserve that for the eventual winner (I’m still sticking with Kidd for that spot). I mean, what else to say, it’s Ziggler and he needed to be in a MitB match this year and I think this is the right time for him to have the briefcase. A very positive Rage Face, almost breaking into a smile.

Overall, I have a much more positive outlook on this match as compare to the other one. The only potential negatives that I see in any of this would Santino mucking about with his cobra and Tensai just stepping on everything (I swear that wasn’t a Godzilla joke). But all in all, I’m very curious on Sandow’s involvement, I’m excited to see Kidd in action, kinda on the ‘meh’ side with Christian and Cody (because I feel like these guys will be focused on each other rather than the briefcase) and then Ziggler is just Ziggler.

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