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Sorry for the delay. Things got crazy at work, and was away from my computer for family obligations the last two fridays. So my sincere apologies, and it won’t happen again. 1

Anyway, this week’s episode of ECW Television marks the end of an era for the promotion. The change won’t be felt until next week’s episode, when it is officially announced. But it’s a change that would alter the promotion forever. Make your guesses in the comments section, and I will list the name of the first person who gets it correct in next week’s column.

ECW Television – Episode 021

Taped: August 06-07, 1993
Broadcast: September 07, 1993
Taping Location: The ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli and Paul E. Dangerously


  • The team of The Sandman and Sal Bellomo advance to the ECW Tag Team Tournament Finals
  • Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot advance to the ECW Tag Team Tournament Finals
  • Super Destroyer #2 turned on Super Destroyer #1 and seemed to join with Hunter Q. Robbins
  • Tod Gordon officially announced the participants of the inter-genter battle royal for Ultra Clash
  • The Headhunters and the team of Miguelito Perez & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga fought to a double disqualification
  • Tito Santana and Stan Hansen fought the members of Hot Stuff International: Don Muraco and Shane Douglas. The match was declared a no contest, when the rest of the Dangerous Alliance interfered and Eddie Gilbert threw a fireball into The Dark Patriot, intended for Tito Santana


Segment #1: The Super Destroyers & Sal Bellomo vs The Headhunters & Freddie Krueger

So much to cover here. Gonna have to go, point by point

  • There was no pre-show segment or any opening to this weeks show. At least that was the case on my DVD
  • This match is joined in progress.
  • Dangerously and Sulli suggest that some mention was previously made about the attack last week being a misunderstanding, but it is blown over quickly.
  • Freddie Krueger is just what you would think, a wrestler in a pretty good Freddie Kreuger mask with the classic sweater (no hat though).
  • Freddie is apparently Doug Gilbert under the mask. And I assume that he had this role in W*ING as well as here.

As the match starts, Sal is getting mauled by the Headhunters. Freddie tags in. DDT on Sal. Tags in the Headhunters. Sal thrown off the ropes and a high body press by Bellomo. Sal then tags in Super Destroyer #1 who nails all three of the opponents. But then in comes Super Destroyer #2 and attacks #1 to the approval of Hunter Q. Robbins III. Now all four are attacking Super Destroyer 1. Out comes Miguelito Perez & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga to make the save.

Segment #2: Interview with Sal Bellomo

They are showing segments from all over the two-day TV taping. Sal comes out with a huge bag of stuffed animals. Out comes Sensational Sherri, and Sal gives her a teddy bear. She seems to be flirting with big Sal. Out comes Hunter Q. Robbins III who insults Sal, and the Sensational One slaps him. Out come Super Destroyer #2, Richard Michaels, and Tony Stetson to attack Sal and Sherri gets pushed to the turnbuckles. In comes Super Destroyer #1, The Sandman, and JT Smith to make the save.

Ultra Clash Match: Sal Bellomo vs Sir Richard Michaels – loser gets to whip the other 10 times with a leather strap.

Segment #3: JT Smith vs Mr. Motegi

Before the match, Paul E. and Dark Patriot run down the accomplishments of JT Smith. 2

Motegi is a Japanese wrestler who I am unfamiliar with, but apparently has had a career that exists to this day appearing in AJPW and Japanese independent promotions. And is pronounced Mo-tay-gee by Paul.

Handshake by both men. Motegi works on the arm of Smith who rolls through to alleviate the pressure, but Motegi holds on, but then lets that go to work on the leg. JT rolls through and gets a rope break. Both on their feet, and Motegi gets a headlock and down to the mat, but JT reverses into a leg scissors of the head. Motegi rolls through and both men get to their feet.

Test of strength by both men, and Motegi pushes JT down to the ground. JT reverses. Armdrag by Motegi who works it into a Fujiwara armbar. JT Smith tries to roll through but Motegi holds on keeping the arm trapped. Motegi lets JT get back up and pushes him into the corner and a series of knife edges and high knee in the corner. DDT by Motegi gets a near fall.

JT gets back up, and reverses an Irish Whip into the corner. JT runs in with a high knee of his won. Follows it with a chop and snap mare, allowing him to head a head scissors on Motegi’s head on the mat. Motegi escapes and gets a reverse leg lock on JT and bridges his back grabbing JT’s neck and pulling, getting the submission hold. Motegi then rolls over and puts JT in a bow and arrow.

Motegi nails JT with a falling headbutt to the groin, and then locks in the STF. Heyman sells it like no one has ever escaped from an STF from anyone! After struggling for a few minutes, JT reaches the ropes. But Motegi locks in a second STF, which gets a second rope break. Back on their feet, JT comes off the ropes, and gets an arm takedown which he turns into his own Fujiwara armbar. They break, and JT throws Motegi off the ropes going for an overhead suplex, but Motegi reverses into a dragon suplex. Would have gotten the pin but time expires.

This was actually a pretty good modern TV match, I’d put it around **1/2

After the match, Dark Patriot and Shane Douglas come down to attack JT Smith, and he and Motegi fight them off.

Segment #4: ECW Tag Team Tournament Finals: The Sandman & Sal Bellomo vs Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot w/ Freddie Gilbert

Pre-match interview with The Sandman & Sal Bellomo. Sal is incoherent and Sandman is doing his white-trash, party boy, Sting impersonation.

Pre-match interview with Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot. It’s very weird to have The Dark Patriot talk with a bigger southern drawl than Eddie, when he is behind a mask.

Match starts with everyone in the ring. Freddie is still in the corner, even though he helped lose the ECW title for Muraco. Sulli even questions Paul E. about it.

All four men start off. The Gilberts art thrown into each other in the middle of the ring. When things calm down, Dark Patriot and The Sandman start off. Sandman in the corner and nailed in the head with a soda can by Eddie Gilbert.3 Eddie holds Sandman while Dark Patriot comes in with a clothesline that misses and sends Eddie to the floor. Patriot off the ropes and a back body drop by The Sandman. Punches for Patriot from both Sandman and Bellomo.

And yet AGAIN! they break into the match to give us highlight from Abdullah the Butcher. Did Tod Gordon spend too much money for these clips and needs to get his money out of them?

Back in the ring, Sal and Eddie are fighting, and Paul E. has joined the team at ringside. Tod Gordon is filling in on color commentary. Sal off the ropes and Paul E. pulls them down sending Sal to the floor. Sal is thrown back in and the Dark Patriot is tagged. Patriot sends Sal over the top ropes and then delivers a sliding kick on Sal.

Sal makes his way back in the ring, and while The Sandman comes into the ring illegally, Paul hands Eddie a chair and he nails Big Sal with it. Nice double-team moves by Eddie and Patriot. Sal is thrown off the ropes, but nails Dark Patriot with a DDT when he drops his head. But Patriot pushes Sal to the corner blocking the tag. Sal is thrown off the ropes, and his head collides with the Dark Patriot’s. Sal tags into the Sandman, who delivers punches for both men. Scoop slam on Eddie and a clothesline sends Doug Gilbert out of the ring.

The Dark Patriot and Sal Bellomo fight into the stands. Sandman and Eddie fight in the ring. Paul E. comes into the ring with the phone, but is caught by The Sandman. Paul is able to throw the phone to Eddie Gilbert who nails The Sandman with the phone. Eddie plays possum, and Paul gets the referee to come into the ring. Sal and Patriot are still fighting all over the Arena. Eddie barely gets the arm over The Sandman and gets the three count.

New ECW Tag Team Champions: Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot

End of show.



  • Mr. Motegi

Historic Significance

  • Super Destroyer #2 fully turns heel and rejoins Hunter Q. Robbins III
  • Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot are the new ECW Tag Team Champions

ECW Television Title Tournament
Bellomo & Sandman The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
The Sandman &
Sal Bellomo
Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot
Stetson & Michaels
The Headhunters The Koloffs (Ivan & Vladimir)
The Koloffs
Gilbert & Patriot Gilbert & Dark Patriot Gilbert & Dark Patriot
JT Smith & Cairo
Super Destroyers Super Destroyers
The Suicide Blondes


ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana Since 08/07/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions Eddie Gilbert & The Dark Patriot Since 08/08/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993


The JT Smith vs Motegi is actually pretty good, and you can’t complain anytime you see a title change, unless it really sucks. So this was a solid week, but it lacked a little bit of energy for some reason. Let’s see what changes are in store for us next week.


1. Such a lie, there’s a good chance that it will happen with this very column.
2. Paul Heyman has fully transformed into the Paul E. image that he would be know for during his ECW run. Well, later he would look less clean shaven, but still.
3. Maybe soft drinks are The Sandman’s weakness. It makes perfect sense!

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