Jim Ross Blog: Raw 1000, The PUSH, DDP, Undertaker, Wrestlers Wearing Jewelry/Bandanas, Next NXT Tapings

Below are excerpts from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ latest blog entry, including JR’s thoughts on Undertaker, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), the concept of the pro wrestling “PUSH”, and more:

Jim Ross on Becoming GM of Raw or SmackDown: “Would you like to be GM of Raw or Smackdown? No, thanks. Anoint someone who needs the TV time in hopes of building for the future. The role needs to be tweaked in my view and now is a good time to do so.”

Jim Ross on the 1000th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw: “What’s going to happen at Raw 1000? I honestly don’t know and if I did I would not spoil any surprises. Am I scheduled to be there? Not at this time. That’s the truth. However, it would be a nice opportunity to see many old friends.”

Jim Ross on the pro wrestling “PUSH”: “What’s the most overused and misunderstood insider term used by many wrestling fans? For my money it is ….THE PUSH. When will so and so get their much deserved PUSH? Ugh.”

Jim Ross on The Undertaker and DDP: “Often asked about DDP returning to the ring. I honestly don’t know if Dallas has any interest whatsoever in doing so but folks can ask him directly @RealDDP. I hope that WWE books Page on another Legends Roundtable as he was a great panelist… plus adding @HeymanHustle to that mix would be fun, too.

Has Undertaker retired? O.K., let’s think about this one. IF Taker had retired, wouldn’t one think that WWE would memorialize that occasion in a HUGE way? Come on folks, WWE is an entertainment company and when one of the biggest stars in history decides to call it a day, I think I can safely say, that we will all know. So the answer is “No” the Undertaker has not retired and “No” I don’t know when he’s returning and “No” I don’t think that he will EVER lose at a WrestleMania. (Haven’t heard so many NO’s since my senior prom.)”

Jim Ross on wrestlers competing with non-wrestling gear on: “Do I like wrestlers competing in jewelry, bandanas, etc? Absolutely not. It’s another subtle thing that takes me out of the moment when attempting to sell the genre as being a real sport. (This likely REALLY makes me ‘old school.’)”

Jim Ross on fan reactions to their favorite wrestlers not being pushed: “When people ask why certain wrestlers aren’t getting what some fans feel that the said wrestlers deserve, I ask what have those wrestlers done lately to make themselves better? If one thinks that only appearing on TV and live events plus working out and tanning is all the investment a talent needs to make to become viable then think again. I’ve encouraged countless talents to watch DVD’s to study the greats of the business and to pick up on the small things that can still be utilized today. Some nod yes and never follow through.”

Jim Ross on the new NXT: “We’ll be back at Full Sail University next Thursday July 12. Tickets are available to the public at the Full Sail box office.”

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