Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Destination X 7.8.12

– Here we go. Best TNA PPV of the year usually.

– If Mason Andrews doesn’t win this match, I’ll be really disappointed.

– Right call. Andrews could be money.

– Mason Andrews will be in Ultimate X?! Now that’s exciting!

– Doug Williams has really let his mid-section go since the last time he was on TV.

– That’s 2 guys who technically don’t have a contract that will battle for the belt tonight.

– Is it wrong that it would make my night if Dutt peeled the iron-on off of Cameron’s shirt?

– WELCOME BACK, SONJAY DUTT! It’s going to be a fantastic Ultimate X match.

– Nice to see Jesse Sorenson back in the ring. Hate the fact that Zema Ion might be in the Ultimate X match. Not a fan.

– Sooooo how many necks is Zema Ion going to break in Ultimate X tonight?

– My pick is definitely Kenny King for the X title tonight. Not a bad trade for the ROH tag titles.

– Wow, talk about a change of pace moving to Joe vs Angle.

– Ok Angle triple suplexing 2012 Samoa Joe is pretty impressive.

– Hey now, check out the Samoa Joe push!

– AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels… dear God this is going to be good!

– Finally a good use of blood in TNA – in a BLOOD FEUD!

– Ho-ly shit! Probably the sickest reverse DDT I’ve ever seen.

– Followed by the most icredible Styles Clash ever! That was scary but INCREDIBLE! Great match.

– I know why they went with Zema Ion since he’s technically the only “signed” talent but ugh, any of the others would have been better. ANY!

– Forgettable Ultimate X match. Just plain disappointing.

– My guess is Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode exceeds expectations but eventually Roode walks away as champ.

– If Aries DOESN’T win the belt, where does he go from here?

– GOOD GOD! Fantastic match with an unbelievable finish. Congrats to Austin Aries on a great achievement & a helluva ride!

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