Michael Fassbender to Star in, Produce Assassin’s Creed Film

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Interesting news from Digital spy in the UK in that Michael Fassbender, who most recently received critical acclaim but few awards for his turn in Shame, will be producing and starring in a film adaptation of the hit video game Assassin’s Creed.

The game follows a bartender (played by Fassbender) who learns he’s a part of a long line of assassins.

What does this mean? Fassbender is no stranger to action films, of course, but he’s never been the main star. He shared top of the poster duties with James MacAvoy in X-Men: First Class and undoubtedly this’ll be a big blockbuster type of film that could cement him as a an A-list type actor.

What do you think? Good choice for the video game character or was there someone else you’d have rather seen? Let us know below.