WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 7/9/2012: C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan, A.J., John Cena

We are one week away from the Money in the Bank PPV, and another great Daniel Bryan/C.M. Punk encounter. Oh, and that damn crazy little vixen A.J. Lee is the special guest referee. And we don’t know who the GM will be this week. Is there a possibility that it was kept “anonymous” for a reason? I wonder.

C.M. Punk And Marriage? Hell Has Frozen Over

After a recap of last week’s A.J. stuff, the lovely little lady came out to the ring. She said as special referee this Sunday, she knows her actions can greatly effect the outcome of the match. She said that it is very emotional and over whelming. She asked the crowd to help her welcome C.M. Punk to the ring. A.J. told Punk she doesn’t need professional help and is in full control. She paused and started to get emotional. She said no one has cared for her and showed passion for her like he did. And she knew it when he kissed her. A.J. said Punk turns her on, and she knows what she has to do. Suddenly, A.J. got on one knee and asked Punk to marry her.

 Before Punk could answer, Daniel Bryan came running down to the ring yelling NO. Bryan said Punk is just using her because she is the referee this Sunday. Bryan said he never stopped having feelings for her and all Punk cares about is himself. Punk said he doesn’t know anything about him and to shut his mouth. Bryan said if Punk really cares about her to say “I do.” Punk hesitated. Bryan said he sees A.J. as a special person. Bryan said that when he woke up this morning, he thought about making a proposal, not stopping one. Bryan then proposed to A.J. Punk called out Bryan.

 Suddenly, the RAW Anonymous GM sound was made. Called it. He or She made a mixed tag match: A.J./Punk vs Eve/Bryan. Bryan protested but to avail. A.J. said everything has caught her off guard, but it all happens for a reason. She believes that she will walk out of the arena tonight with her future husband.

 Segment Analysis: Well that was quite weird and amusing at the same time. I don’t even know if the WWE knows where this A.J. thing is going. I think they are just rolling with it. It may have gone a bit over board this week, but it is building intrigue to their match at Money in the Bank. A.J. is a decent promo and is playing the crazy chick perfectly. Its fun watching her, and it shows how much confidence the WWE has in her by letting her start the show. Survey Says: 3.5/5

How The Young Have Fallen

Sheamus came out for a match with Jack Swagger. Poor Swagger didn’t even get an entrance. Sheamus hit a quick White Noise then Brogue Kick for the win. Remember when Swagger was a promising young World Champion? Yeah me too. Alberto del Rio appeared on the screen. Del Rio said he’s taking the World Title this Sunday and drove off. Sheamus then hit another Brogue Kick on Swagger.

Segment Analysis: Remember when we thought Swagger was a future long term main eventer. Yeah, no idea what is going on with him. Very quick Smackdown segment that barely promoted the World Title match this Sunday. Survey Says: 2/5

 Santino talked to Zack Ryder and said he was going to search for the RAW GM.

The Rock will be live on the 1000th episode of RAW.

 RAW Is No Entrances

Christian and Tyson Kidd vs Dolph Ziggler and Tensai. Tensai took Kidd out. Tensai charged Christian in the corner but he missed. Christian caught him with a kick. Ziggler grabbed Christian’s leg and Sakamoto distracted the ref, allowing Tensai to hit a splash and pick up the win. Tensai destroyed Kidd after the match with a powerbomb on the apron.

Segment Analysis: Remember guys, Smackdown matters. It has gotten a whole ten minutes worth of promo time so far. Survey Says: 1.5/5

 Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole argued, so the anonymous GM made a match between them. Great. Then it was changed to the WWE Universe online vote.

Brodus Clay beat Drew McIntyre with a headbutt and splash. Next.

Big Show told Jericho to stay out of his way tonight.

Waiting For A Big Show Shooting Star Press Off A Ladder

John Cena came out for his tag match. He said Money in the Bank is a match with a great risk but an even greater reward. He said people become brutal when opportunity is hanging over their head. He said MITB changes the landscape of the WWE. Cena said he stands by his previous words: Big Show will be stopped and he will do whatever he has to in order to become the next Mr. Money in the Bank.

Jericho and Cena started. Cena took Jericho down with a shoulder tackle then a bulldog. Jericho made a quick tag to Big Show. Show went for a chokeslam but Cena escaped and tagged in Kane. Kane landed some punches in the corner but Show reversed it and clotheslined Kane in the corner. Show tossed Kane to the outside and Jericho hit a kick for good measure. Back in the ring, Show took Kane down with a shoulder tackle. Show tagged in Jericho who walked right into a Kane upper cut.

Cena was tagged in. He hit a fisherman’s suplex. Jericho distracted the ref and Show caught him with a punch to the back, knocking Cena out going into commercial. Back from break Show slapped Cena in the corner. Cena tried to bodyslam Show but he failed. Show then locked in a bear hug. Cena fought out and hit a backdrop. Cena tagged in Kane. Kane hit a corner clothesline then a DDT for two. Show ducked a Kane dive off the top and hit a Spear for two. Show tagged in Jericho. Jericho hit multiple kicks. Jericho hit a knee in the corner into another commercial.

Back from break, Jericho walked right into a side suplex by Kane. Kane tagged in Cena and he went into CENA MODE!!! Cena hit an AA, but Big Show pulled Cena out and threw him into the barricade then took out Kane. The ref rang the bell. Big Show took out Kane and Jericho with a ladder. Show made a Jericho sandwich with the ladder. Cena came in with a ladder of his own and took Big Show out with it.

Segment Analysis: Well the wrestling wasn’t bad but the cop out finish was stupid. I hate when matches go long like that and there is not a clean finish. Cena stands tall at the end. I still think he is winning Sunday. No one else would make sense. Maybe Jericho. I thought the tag match was decent. Nothing great, but not bad either. A bit too long though. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Sin Cara beat Heath Slater to qualify for the World Title MITB Ladder Match. So is the whole match now going to be in blue lighting. Afterwards, Bob Backlund came out and applied the crossface chicken wing on Slater.

Jerry Lawler beat Michael Cole, then the GM reversed it due to Booker T’s interference, which there was none. Then Santino found out the RAW GM was Hornswoggle, then he bit everyone in the ring. And I can’t believe I spent that much time writing that.

Not Even The WWE Knows Where This Is Going, Do They?
Main event mixed tag time. Bryan landed some kicks on Punk, but Punk caught Bryan off the ropes with a high kick. A.J. tagged herself in, meaning Eve had to come in. A.J. took down Eve. Eve caught A.J. with a kick. Eve went for her back drop but A.J. got her knees up. A.J. hit a heel kick. Eve went to tag Daniel Bryan but Bryan jumped off the apron. A.J. rolled up Eve for the win.

Daniel Bryan said this proved that she means more to him than any match. He wanted to leave and get married. Punk said Bryan wants to marry her so she can help him become WWE Champion. Punk said he doesn’t care if what he says is going to cost him the WWE Title, but he isn’t going to marry her. But at least he cares enough about her to tell her the truth. A.J. started crying then slapped Punk, then slapped Bryan too. A.J. left hopping and chanting Yes.

Segment Analysis: I’m fully convinced the WWE has no idea where this is going. There’s nothing much to add. Very similar to the first segment. A.J. was great, and Punk and Bryan play off her well. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Not a very good episode of RAW. They did a decent job of hyping Money in the Bank, but that’s about it. The tag match was okay, but everything else was either rushed, a squash,o r just flat out ridiculous. The Cole/Lawler stuff was unnecessary and the time could have been given to the Smackdown tag match. I love the A.J. stuff, but as I said, I don’t think the WWE even knows where this is going. And that is why I fear they will screw it up. Smackdown barely got any pub. The wrestling was nothing to write home about. I hate to continue to be Mr. Negative, but until the WWE puts out some good stuff, they will continue to get bad reviews from me. The 1000th episode of RAW can’t come soon enough. This show gets a 3.

Money in the Bank Preview Thursday, NFL Off-Season Preview 1 Saturday. Not sure if I will be covering Money in the Bank live yet.

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