UFC On Fuel TV 4: Munoz vs. Weidman Live Results and Play by Play

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Hello fight fans! Welcome to Inside Fights’ exclusive coverage of UFC On Fuel TV 4: Munoz vs. Weidman. In the main event of tonight’s show, UFC Middleweight Mark Munoz will square off with Chris Weidman on FUEL TV.

You will be able to follow us at Inside Fights live as the action is happening with the play-by-play. The most recent fight will be directly below this explanation. If you’re on the run, quick results are available at the very bottom of the page and they will be updated live as well. Coverage for this event starts at 8:00 PM EST.

8:00 PM EST EDITOR NOTE: We are live! The introduction video has started and in a matter of moments, Rafael dos Anjos and Anthony Njokuani will grace the octagon and kick-off the main card for tonight. Make sure to stay tuned to Inside Fights for detailed, unique and LIVE coverage on this card.

10:55 PM EST EDITOR’S NOTE: Awesome all around card. Thank you very much for joining us tonight for the card.
Middleweight: Mark Muñoz vs. Chris Weidman

Round 1 Weidman is quick to shoot for a takedown and transitions right away to side pound. It’s almost as if Munoz lifted him over to side mount. Weidman has Munoz’s back but doesn’t do anything with it. Weidman was positioned for a guillotine and instead lands a nice knee. Weidman is in side mount and had a high-elbow guillotine but Munoz was never in any real trouble. He transitions to a kimura attempt and Munoz is holding on for dear life. Munoz scrambles to his knees and Weidman has Munoz’s head trapped. The crowd is getting restless for some reason, even though there are some good submission attempts and scrambles. Weidman is in full mount with a guillotine attempt but Munoz bucks him off again, Weidman is once again in side mount. He’s back in full mount but Munoz eeks out and escapes completely. Munoz’s stomach is on the cage with Weidman behind him, but it isn’t going anywhere. Weidman 10-9

Round 2 Weidman lands yet ANOTHER takedown to start off the round, right into side-mount. This was unexpected. Munoz looks like he is struggling, bad. Another scrambles leads to both fighters standing. Munoz needs to capitalize on this by landing strikes and defending Weidman’s takedown attempts. Munoz went in for a strike or a clinch, but Weidman countered with a short elbow that knocked Munoz loopy and split him open. Munoz went on all fours, Weidman followed and connected with a lot of strikes. Too many. Late stoppage. Munoz’s blood is all over the canvas and the fight is over. Weidman had Munoz’s number in every aspect of the fight.

Official Decision: Chris Weidman defeated Mark Muñoz Chris Weidman via TKO (Elbow and Punches) at 1:37 into Rd. 2
Light Heavyweight: James Te-Huna vs. Joey Beltran

Round 1 Te-Huna takes the center of the octagon and is pressing the action. Beltran looks a little bit hesitant to dedicate to a strike. Te-Huna has Beltran pushed against the cage and connects with a nice straight. Te-Huna is landing leg kicks repeatedly. Beltran is slowly gaining confidence in his striking. Beltran lands a nice body kick. Beltran lands another good body kick. Beltran is covering up and backing up as Te-Huna throws hook after cross after hook. Te-Huna whiffs on a Chuck Liddell-esque hook, but lands a softer one. Te-Huna connects with a left hook that sends Beltran back a bit, but Beltran regains his composure and pushes Te-Huna’s back against the cage. They separate and the fight is in the middle of the octagon. Te-Huna catches Beltran with a hook, Beltran falls on his tush and Te-Huna is quick to mount him. He’s landing big shots and Beltran escapes full mount. They’re back standing and with ten seconds left, Beltran got caught upwards of five times. Brutal stuff. Horn sounds. Te-Huna 10-9

Round 2 Beltran is once again very cautious about commencing the action, or “being first” as BJ Penn would put it. Te-Huna is mixing up the pace of soft and hard punches, really making Beltran guess what’s coming up next. Te-Huna lands a good body punch. Te-Huna simply grabs hold of Beltran’s leg and he falls down. Successful takedown, I guess? Te-Huna isn’t striking too much on the ground and the referee stands them up. Beltran finally lands his first significant strike of the fight and it’s a body kick. Te-Huna looks like he’s starting to gas; the last two minutes of the fight was very slow. The very last five seconds of the round, Beltran rocked Te-Huna but the horn went off. Too little, too late for Beltran this round. Te-Huna 10-9

Round 3 Beltran was told he needs to finish the fight for a victory, and I agree with that. Beltran needs a litte more pepper in his punches if he wants to end this fight, however. Beltran presses the action and lands a couple good elbows, but Te-Huna over-powers him and takes control of the fight again. A close series of exchanges between the two sees both fighters connecting successfully, but nothing too powerful. Te-Huna lands a takedown and is in Beltran’s guard. Te-Huna is trying to ground and pound but Beltran scrambles and stands back up. As he’s standing up, Te-Huna lands an insane overhand punch and a thudding body punch. Two minutes left and they’re very tired. Te-Huna has landed 117 significant strikes. Beltran had a decent thai-clinch with his back against the cage but did nothing with it. Beltran drives a takedown and is on top, but Te-Huna gets back to his knees and eventually his feet. Beltran lands a nice short elbow. Last ten seconds and they get serious; both connect with head-jolting punches but the horn sounds and the referee separates them. Closest round. Beltran 10-9

Official Decision: James Te-Huna defeated Joey Beltran via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Welterweight: Aaron Simpson vs. Kenny Robertson

Round 1 Robertson is lucky that his fighting does his talking for him, because he sounds very monotone in his pre-fight interview. I expect his hands to go up to the camera like Will Ferrell did in Talladega Nights. Robertson connects with a nice left hook. Robertson pressures Simpson against the cage with over/under. Simpson spins around and tries to solidify his spot as the aggressor but Robertson spins him around against the cage again. They separate from the clinch and they’re back in the middle of the octagon. They exchange a flurry of strikes, Robertson lands the most significant with a knee. Robertson is cut on the top of his foreheads, likely from a collision of heads. Simpson has Robertson’s back, tries to take him down but Robertson rolls through, gets up and turns around, and lands a nice hook. Cool sequence. Simpson has the double underhooks and pushes Robertson against the cage. Thai clinch against the cage and Robertson lands another good knee, which made him vulnerable to a takedown attempt. Simpson fails the takedown. This fight has a lot of cage-stalling action. Simpson is in back of Robertson and lands a trip takedown, Simpson almost has a back mount. Robertson is back up. Simpson lands another double that looked a bit ugly. They’re back up, Robertson whiffs a shot. They respect each other’s space and the pathetic horn sounds, signaling the end of the first. Aaron Simpson 10-9

Round 2 Simpson is quick out of the corner, look for him to be the aggressor. Once again, he’s wrapped around Robertson’s waist from the back, throwing knees to Robertson’s thighs and looking for the eventual takedown. Robertson twists around quickly and connects with a short elbow, and a couple short-distance punches. Those are the kinds of strikes that will delay a takedown rather than do serious damage. Robertson went for a spinning back fist but it misses and Simpson catches him off guard with a takedown. Simpson almost had Robertson’s back again, but couldn’t solidify a dominant position and Robertson is back to his feet. Robertson goes for a takedown for only has grip of Simpson’s ankle, gets back up, tries to throw another spinning back fist but misses. Simpson has Robertson’s back once again and actually gets one hook in. Slow action until the horn sounds. Simpson 10-9

Round 3 Robertson’s mouth is open and it’s obvious that he’s a bit gassed. He’s slow to returning back to his stance after throwing kicks and his hands are very low. Simpson is still bouncing around but it’s evident that he’s a little tired too. Almost a minute into the third round and the crowd is getting restless. Simpson is in back of Robertson again near the cage, and he lands another takedown. Simpson almost landed a Toby Imada triangle submission but Robertson did a good job in defending it by unhooking Simpson’s foot with his own. Simpson is in Robertson’s guard now after the scramble. Simpson is in side mount, throwing pitter-patter strikes. Simpson postures up and throws multiple strikes at the 15 second mark, but none of them ended the fight. Simpson 10-9

Official Decision: Aaron Simpson defeated Kenny Robertson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Middleweight: Karlos Vemola vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1 Vemola looks like Sean William Scott from The Goon on steroids. Vemola has a menacing stance and goes in fast for a leg kick. Carmont goes for a takedown but Vemola defends it well and lands one of his own, and goes directly into side mount. Carmont has the butterfly guards in, directly from side mount. Carmont is up but Vemola has him in a guillotine attempt; Carmont is doing a decent job at defending it. Vemola is now on his back and Carmont seems to be out of harms way. Now Carmont is now in side mount. Carmont transitions into full mount and Carmont almost landed a keylock. Vemola does a good job defending it and rolls through, impressively, to where Carmont is now in his full guard. Vemola is back on his feet. Carmont shoots for a takedown and Vemola catches him in a guillotine; Vemola goes to the ground and still has a nice grip on his opponent’s neck. Carmont’s hips are high and he’s alleviating pressure on the neck which is giving him more time to survive. Carmont keeps his composure and escapes again. Extremely close round, but I’ll give that 10-9 to Carmont.

Round 2 Gloves touch. Carmont connects with a HUGE front kick, but Vemola pushes through and shoots for a takedown. Vemola has Carmont’s back against the cage and is trying to get a takedown. Carmont counters and almost gets a guillotine but Vemola rolls through AGAIN and is out of danger. Carmont’s back is against the cage again and Vemola is looking for a slow, plodding trip takedown. Carmont rolls through and gets Vemola in a crucifix. Vemola tries to roll to his side but Carmont traps him in a rear naked choke! Vemola knows he is trapped and taps out before he blacks out. Brilliant fight.

Official Decision: Francis Carmont defeated Karlos Vemola via Submission (RNC) at 1:32 of Rd. 2
Bantamweight: T.J. Dillashaw vs. Vaughan Lee

Round 1 Dillashaw is introduced as a “Monkey Style” fighter. Dillashaw throws a series of strikes but Lee is dodging them all. Lee is landing some serious strikes, multiple body hooks in a row. Lee looks a lot more comfortable in this fight than he has in the past. Lee goes for a head-kick and Dillashaw catches it, lands a big time takedown. Dillashaw has both hooks in and has Lee’s back while Lee is standing, and it looks like Dillashaw has landed a rear naked choke or a neck-crank. VERY impressive and very smooth.

Official Decision: T.J. Dillashaw defeated Vaughan Lee via Submission (RNC) at 2:33 of Rd. 1
Lightweight: Rafael dos Anjos vs. Anthony Njokuani

Round 1: The gloves touch and the fight is under way. Long feeling out process and they trade off leg kicks. Solid inside leg kick from dos Anjos. dos Anjos drops Njokuani with a left hand. Njokuani gets back up quickly, and dos Anjos lands a takedown but Njokuani cage walks up. dos Anjos lands a double leg but Njokuani is once again back to his feet. Njokuani lands a knee to the body inside the clinch and they separate. dos Anjos lands a heavy leg kick to the inside of Njokuani’s leg. dos Anjos is doing a great job blocking Njokuani’s strikes. dos Anjos shoots for a takedown, Njokuani blocks it and his back is against the cage. Anjos lands some good knees to the body and knees of Njokuani. 10-9 Rafael dos Anjos

Round 2 Njokuani lands a nice leg and body kick early on in the round. Njokuani is a lot more lively this round. dos Anjos is back to the leg kicks, and they are obviously doing damage. dos Anjos lands a nice right hook, but Njokuani retaliates with a leg kick that sends dos Anjos back a bit. dos Anjos lands ANOTHER takedown but Njokuani is back to his feet again, almost immediately. Njokuani’s back is against the cage and dos Anjos is looking for an inside trip. dos Anjos picks him up, and slowly slams him down and lands in half gaurd. Njokuani gets a butterfly in. dos Anjos gets yet another slam and he goes for a kimura from half guard but it’s failed right away. Njokuani almost gets trapped in a guillotine, but he escapes. The round ends on the feet with a small exchange. Rafael dos Anjos 10-9

Round 3 One minute in and not one significant strike has landed; lots of movement from both fighters. Njokuani hits a body kick, but dos Anjos answers with a quick right hand. Njokuani’s back is against the cage yet again, and dos Anjos is trying for another takedown. Njokuani is kia-ing with every strike and whenever dos Anjos shoots for a takedown you hear a really long “WOAAAAAH”. The mixture of “KIA” and “WOOAAAAAAH” is hilarious. dos Anjos lands another takedown into half guard. dos Anjos has completed six of sixteen takedown attempts. Little bit of action on the ground but Njokuani gets back to his feet and that’s where the round ends. Rafael dos Anjos 10-9

Official Decision: Rafael dos Anjos defeated Anthony Njokuani via Unanimous Decision. (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)



Quick Results

(Main Card on FUEL TV)
Middleweight: Chris Weidman defeated Mark Muñoz Chris Weidman via TKO (Elbow and Punches) at 1:37 into Rd. 2
Light Heavyweight: James Te-Huna defeated Joey Beltran via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Welterweight: Aaron Simpson defeated Kenny Robertson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Middleweight: Francis Carmont defeated Karlos Vemola via Submission (RNC) at 1:32 of Rd. 2
Bantamweight: T.J. Dillashaw defeated Vaughan Lee via Submission (RNC) at 2:33 of Rd. 1
Lightweight: Rafael dos Anjos defeated Anthony Njokuani via Unanimous Decision.

(Preliminary Bouts on Facebook)
Bantamweight: Alex Caceres defeated Damacio Page via Submission (Triangle) at 1:27 of Rd. 2.
Flyweight: Chris Cariaso defeated Josh Ferguson via Unanimous Decision.
Middleweight: Andrew Craig defeated Rafael Natal via KO (Head Kick) at 4:52 of Rd. 2.
Welterweight: Marcelo Guimaraes defeated Dan Stittgen via Split Decision.
Bantamweight: Raphael Assuncao defeated Issei Tamura via TKO (Strikes) at 0:25 of Rd. 2.

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