New Line-Ups & Information For Mattel’s WWE Line From SDCC 2012

At Mattel’s WWE Panel at SDCC, they revealed many new figures and assortments:

WWE Elite Series 18
-John Cena (w/ hat, shirt, dogtags & arm band)
-Kofi Kingston (in Battle Cat attire with shiny Tag Team Title)
-Zack Ryder (w/ sunglasses, headband and Internet Title)
-Sheamus (w/ necklace)
-Kelly Kelly (w/ jacket & Shiny Diva’s Title)
-Mankind (dress shirt attire with Socko)

WWE Elite Series 19
-Jerry Lawler (flashback with cape & crown)
-Wade Barrett (w/ suit coat)
-Rey Mysterio (w/ shirt & overmask)
-Brodus Clay (w/ sweatsuit, necklace & hat)
-Sin Cara (white attire with gold robe)
-The Undertaker (flashback with shirt & bandana)

WWE Elite Series 19
-Shawn Michaels (flashback with entrance attire)
-Dolph Ziggler (with hooded vest & pink shirt)
(more TBA)

WWE Basic Series 22
-Booker T
-Chris Jericho
-Mark Henry
-Zack Ryder
-John Cena

WWE Basic Series 23
-Santino Marella
-Kane (masked)
-Alicia Fox (with fox hood)
-Hunico (unmasked)
-Rey Mysterio
-Triple H

WWE Basic Best of 2012
-Sin Cara (white attire)
-Great Khali
-Daniel Bryan (short hair, bearded)
-John Cena
-Alberto Del Rio
-Brodus Clay

WWE Basic Series 24
-John Cena
-Zack Ryder
-CM Punk
-Drew McIntyre

Battle Packs Series 18
-Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
-Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler
-CM Punk vs. Triple H

Battle Packs Series 19
-Primo & Epico (w/ Tag Team Titles)
-Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show
-Kane (masked) vs. John Cena

Battle Packs Series 20
-Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins
(More TBD)

Best of PPV Basic (TRU Exclusive)
-John Cena
-The Rock
-Triple H

Best of PPV Elite (TRU Exclusive)
-Shawn Michaels (Ref)
-The Miz (w/ Team Johnny shirt)
-CM Punk (w/ WWE Title)
-Big Show (camo attire with hat)
-Build-a-Figure of Ricardo Rodriguez

Figures of Big Johnny, Teddy Long, Tensai, Brock Lesner, Damian Sandow & Ryback were also teased.

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