That Being Said: Future Stars Of Wrestling Las Vegas – High Octane – 06.28.2012

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the continuation of the That Being Said Indy Scum Tour 2012. Last time, with my good friend Martin Shaw, I reviewed the Asylum Championship Wrestling 10th Anniversary show, which was not nearly as bad as I expected – that article can be found here. This week, we cover the Nevada chapter of the Future Stars Of Wrestling promotion, who were having a show called “High Octane” from just a couple weeks ago.


Future Stars Of Wrestling Nevada – High Octane

This show is only an hour long, but it appears as if FSW actually puts these shows on GFL weekly. That’s pretty cool. We get a typical indy bumper video package to start the show. Chuck Fucking Palumbo and Val Venis work here?! I also see Kenny King, Roderick Strong, and Diavari.

We get a couple announcers to start the show, Pauly Kover and Dino Dinelli. Apparently, this is their 3rd anniversary show – I seem to have a habit of running into these. Anyway, Dino Dinelli has a pretty hard New Yawk accent that is going to get on my nerves. He is apparently throwing some kind of barbeque for the show. Also, I guess some wrestler named “Funnybone” (awesome name) was injured in some sort of “beatdown”, so he won’t be on tonight’s show, and he won’t be seen for “a good, long time.” Now they’re having some sort of a tournament to determine the new “No Limits Champion”.

We are at ringside, and apparently Disco Inferno is announcing here. He talks about his “Summer Disco Inferno” tour, which apparently also heavily featured barbeques and tailgating. Disco Inferno really sounds like Ray Romano now.

The arena is definitely more full than the ACW show, but still pretty empty. Crowd definitely seems more amped though.

The one thing about this show, was that I couldn’t even find pictures of a lot of the guys online. Sorry about that – tried my best. I put up the ones I could find. It’s odd – that other show seemed way more obscure, but I had no problem finding pictures from THAT one.


No Limits Tournament Qualifying Match
Greg Romero .vs. Sikou

Sikou takes control to start, and does a nice modified facewash while after kicking the guy, he slides through the ropes and lands on the floor to start. During the match, Disco and the other announcer argue over who should be placed in this “No Limits Tournament”. Sych runs into an elbow and Romero tries a dropkick, but Sych moves and Romero eats it before taking a weak piledriver for 3. That was quick

Winner: Sikou


We get a commercial for cement. If you need some, you can call a guy named Tim. No, I’m not making that up.

A skinny dude named Jack Manly (another great name) says he is going to win this No Limits Tournament.

Commercial for a tanning salon called “RioTan” which is apparently where all the FSW guys tan. This commercial is done to the beat of “We Will Rock You”.


No Limits Tournament Qualifying Match
Cedric The Hitman .vs. Jack Manly

Hitman tries to get the crowd behind him, so they tell him he sucks. He goes outside to argue with them while Manly laughs at him from inside the ring. Disco talks about how boring Jack Manly is. Lockup and a clean break starts it off, then Cedric takes control and works on the arm until Manly toeholds him to the mat and Cedric grabs the rope for another clean break. Headlock by Manly, then Cedric hits the ropes and a shoulderblock takes Manly down. Very nice neckbreaker by Cedric gets him 2. Kneedrop across the neck gets him another 2 count. Manly starts to power out, but eats a very nice powerbomb for a near-fall. Camel clutch by Hitman. Many escapes and hits the ropes, runs into Cedric, and goes down like a sack of potatoes. This actually gets Cedric another near fall, before he goes for a full nelson. SHADES OF THE WARLORD!

Manly elbows out of this, and then runs right into Cedric’s foot. This guy sucks at comebacks, until he hits a few clotheslines and a spinebuster. Bulldog off the second rope gets him 2. Cedric reverses an irish whip into a swinging DDT for 2. Disco Inferno suggests hitting him with a cattle prod. This makes the other announcer hungry for the BBQ that is happening in the parking lot. In the meantime, Cedric tosses Manly to the cement floor. When Manly gets into the ring, Cedric tries to use the ropes to pin Manly – so the referee kicks him off, which allows Manly to roll him up for the pin.

Winner; Max Power


A commercial for “Rural Bass Karaoke” and “Hydro Comics”.

Billy Gunn showed up for about 8 seconds, to remind me of the the name of the show I’m watching. Then he told me that if I wasn’t down with that, that I could suck it. Rude.

Video package for Brandon Gaston, then another one for upcoming events. Then just some clips of matches, all of which look more exciting than any I’ve seen on this show. One particularly cool spot with a hurricanrana down a VERY steep entrance ramp.

Another wrestler named Gregory Sharpe makes fun of Funnybone for getting hurt, and says he’s winning the tournament.


No Limits Tournament Qualifying Match
Legacy .vs. Adam Thornstone


Legacy is a Tag-Team Champion for this fed. The crowd comes more alive for Thronstone than anyone else tonight. Disco has trouble remembering who Thronstone is. Thrown grabs some armlocks, but Legacy flips around and gets out of it with quite a bit of agility for a guy his size. But Thronstone maintains control and works the arm. Thornstone hits a drop-toe hold a a nice dropkick, but only gets 1. Legacy hits a kick, but eats a back-body drop. Sleeperhold by Thornstone that Legacy turns into a chinbreaker. Legacy then tosses Thornstone to the outside before following him to pound on him. The announcers are arguing about one not adding the other to Facebook.

Really great volleying as they try to hit each other with kicks, which ends with a Death Valley Driver by Thornstone for 3.

Winner: Adam Thornstone


An announcer is now interviewing a crazy guy in a Hawaiian shirt and an arm-sling. His name is GiGi Severe. He was apparently beat up by a referee. So he screams for a while. He says he won’t quit because he and his “agency” have a great love for wrestling.

Video package for a guy named Vic Capri, who looks decent.

Apparently this show actually airs on the CW Network once a week… at 2 AM. That’s more than I would have thought.


No Limits Tournament Qualifying Match
“The Sharp Dressed Man” Remy Marcel .vs. Sergio Vega

Remy Marcel

That’s dangerously close to “Savio Vega”. Anyway, they start fighting it out early. Clotheslines by Remy, followed by a backdrop. Vega escapes outside, but Remy does a high dive onto him. Vega runs Remy right into the ringpost to take control. He tosses him into the ring, and hits some chops. German suplex by Marcel out of nowhere gets 2, so Vega gets up and hits an enziguri to take control back. 2-count for Vega. Armbar by Vega, eventually Remy gets to the ropes. Vega tries to hit a running Vaderbomb, but misses despite Remy not moving, so the announcers start to make fun of him as both guys battle to the floor. Remy takes control on the outside with some chops.

Sikou then comes out with a friend and attacks Remy. Both guys get counted out as a result.

Winner: No One (Double Countout)

Remy, despite these guys eliminating him from a tournament, help Sikou and his friend beat the shit out of Remy. They give him what the announcers call a “Triple Powerbomb”. It works just like a regular person, except two other guys also make tactile contact with the victim on his way down.

A guy named Scratch comes in with a friend who’s name they don’t say, and they make the save.

Diavari then shows up on the screen and threatens all of them, on behalf of his “Enemies Of The State” stable.


Back to the original announcers – this time, you can hear a grill going on in the background. Are they cross-promoting with a butcher of some sort? There’s an awful lot of talk about barbecue, and it’s making me awfully hungry.


FSW Elite Championship Match
Shawn Ricker .vs. Jay Garlin

The announcer is quick to tell us that Disco is outside eating BBQ. Seriously, what the fuck? Shawn Ricker, the FSW Elite Champion, comes out and grabs a mic. He has a shirt that says “Huh” and the crowd chants “Huh” after every sentence just like they do with “What?” Okay, that’s pretty funny. The crowd, small as it is, is quite into everything this guy says. The announcer now tells us that Disco is back, and Disco talks about how good the BBQ was. Motherfucker.

Ricker takes control, until Garlin reverses with an armbar and a clean break. Ricker is making the crowd laugh about something – I can’t hear what it is. It probably has something to do with barbeque. Ricker is apparently an arrogant crowd-favorite, and he takes control with a headscissors, until Garlin escapes and puts on a sleeper… until Ricker escapes THAT and puts on another armbar. This is then reversed into a leg-sleeper by Garlin. Nice exchange, and they didn’t waste too much time on each hold before moving on. Backslide by Ricker gets 2, before locking on another side headlock. Disco starts talking about Goldberg… being at a barbeque with him once.

Ricker takes control and starts doing some neck-clubbin, a la Shaemus. Who, I’m sure, also fucking LOVES barbeque. Garlin with a small package gets 2, and then locks on another sleeper. Lots of rest holds in this one. Ricker eventually lifts him up and back suplexes him. This gets him a 2-count. More neck-clubbing. Some knees to the back. Match… moving… so… slow. Ricker tosses Garlin to the outside. Ricker goes outside to drink water, before spitting it in Garlin’s face. Disco is complaining that the other announcer is disrespecting him, while Ricker hits a neckbreaker for 2. Ricker puts Garlin on the apron, and knees him in the chest. Garlin then blocks an elbow and hits some strikes, goes to the top rope, but Ricker jumps straight to the top rope to stop him, before getting shoved right off by Garlin. Garlin then tries a cross-body off the top, which misses, and Ricker gets 2. Nice sequence.

Ricker leans down to pick up Garlin and gets kicked in the face. Now the announcers are talking about how they have free burgers and hot dogs for fans after the show. Disco says that they better be serving turkey dogs the next time he goes outside. What the bloody hell already. Them making me hungry for barbeque has killed what little remaining interest I had in watching the end of this boring match. Ricker with a suplex. Disco talking about a hot-dog eating contest. Disco talking about Tank Abbott… at a barbeque. Ref bump, and a clothesline by Ricker.

Ricker then does the Eddie Guererro spot where he tosses Garlin the chair and lies down before the ref gets up – this doesn’t fly, and the ref disqualifies him.

Winner by Disqualification: Jay Garlin
Still FSW Elite Champion: Shawn Ricker


Show over.

So, on the one hand, this was just an episode of a weekly TV show, plus it’s modern indy’s, so I wasn’t expecting much. This wasn’t bad, but it was kinda boring. None of the matches were very good, although there were a couple unique sequences and exchanges.

The numerous BBQ references were distracting though. They mentioned it at least once every match, and when they cut to the announcers backstage, it’s almost all THEY talked about.


Anyway, I doubt that many people are reading these, but for anyone who cares, I’m finding it interesting to check out these random small promotions. 2 down, 2 to go. Thanks for reading and have a great barbecue.

I’ll be in my barbecue.


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