Rasslin’ Roundtable — WWE Money in the Bank 2012 PPV (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Chris Jericho)

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Kofi Kingston and Truth vs Hunico and Camacho

M.C. Brown: So far all I know is Sin Cara black and Haku’s son have a unicycle in common. This doesn’t bode well for their chances.
Winners: R-KaBoom

Matthew Michaels: If they want to establish the tag division they should keep the belts on one team or a bit longer. With Raw going to three hours soon and Main Event in October they need a strong tag division.
Winners: kk and kkwik

Rhett Davis: Well I don’t mind the match-up because we always need some tag team action, but I’m surprised this isn’t on the card as there are only four matches thus far. That’s minus a Ryback squash and perhaps a divas match. Anyways, this isn’t even for the title and R-Truth was injured so they may be hiding him for the time being by putting him on the pre-show and then in big tag team matches. Even with that injury, does anyone seriously think that Hunico and Camacho have a shot in the dark of winning? When was the last time they won anything?
Winners: Truth in Paradise

Big Show vs Kane vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena
WWE Championship Money in the Bank Match

M.C. Brown: Cena needs to be the 1st won to win it, cash it in and lose.
Winner: John Cena

Matthew Michaels: Only four people in this one? Well this is too easy.
Winner: Cena

Rhett Davis: Yeesh. Originally I thought Alberto del Rio was going to be in this MITB match so the number looked a little better. Once I discovered there were only FOUR combatants in it, I really thought this match looked weak. First we have Kane who has the record for most MITB matches (aka we have nothing more important for you to do) so I don’t see him winning although he did once before. Then we have Big Show who could just absolutely murder Punk if they were to battle so why does he need the advantage of having this briefcase? Jericho would be the most ideal candidate as a Jericho/Bryan/Punk match at SummerSlam sounds AWESOME, but it’ll most likely be choice d. That being John Cena winning the MITB for the first time and cashing in his opportunity like RVD did for a match at SummerSlam as Vinny Mac still wants Cena in the title picture. Lucky us.
Winner: John Chaina

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan
WWE Championship Match

M.C. Brown: With a rumored Punk vs. Cena rematch looming, I say they go the other route, AJ turns around and joins Bryan in heelish bliss and they feud with Cena. Punk will probably win, but I still hope Bryan does.
Winner(and New Champion): Daniel Bryan

Matthew Michaels: I sense screwy ending due to AJ factor. MITB is where Punk won vs Cena last year so there will be fans thinking Cena challenges Punk here tonight for a surprise ending. I don’t buy that. Punk keeps the title here and it’s CM vs Cena or a triple threat at SSlam.
Winner: Bryan by DQ?

Rhett Davis: This is really an interesting match-up as we have the dynamic of AJ as the ‘special’ guest referee. Will she aid Bryan in overtaking Punk to become the new champ? Or will she simply let Punk win over Bryan? They’ve left it completely in the air so it’s all speculation. With that being said, I think AJ won’t help anyone, but will just prevent Bryan from doing something dastardly which will distract him long enough for Punk to win.
Winner (and STILL WWE Champion): CM Punk

Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd vs Christian vs Santino Marella vs Tensai vs Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara
World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Match

M.C. Brown: Despite big things for Kidd in his future, Dolph is my pick to win the match.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Matthew Michaels: two former champs in this match and I think only one obvious winner. Plus after those looks on Monday from Guerrero I think Tensai will help him win it.
Winner: Ziggler

Rhett Davis: This is probably the most unpredictable match as there are many different ways this could go. I was slightly surprised they didn’t add Zack Ryder as he’s been getting the nod lately. But our options show us Damien who is brand new and would be taking an approach out of Sheamus and del Rio’s book by being shot to the top if he won it. Kidd who seems just content to be the star of the show. Christian who is there just to say they have a veteran in the mix. Santino who is there just to have a comedic spin on it. Tensai is there so they have a monster to destroy people. Sin Cara is there for the big shocking move if Kidd doesn’t beat him to the punch. That leaves the two most probable winners: Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. Both of these men have desperately trying to solidify themselves in the heavyweight scene. Dolph has been fighting the likes of Punk and Sheamus while Cody has been dueling Show and Christian. A win in this match could be just what either man needs to finally move up.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus vs Alberto del Rio
World Heavyweight Championship Match

M.C. Brown: I don’t see Sheamus losing for a while. Not while Triple H is coherent.
Winner: Sheamus

Matthew Michaels: Sheamus
Winner: Sheamus

Rhett Davis: I’m sick of Sheamus as a champion. Granted, he looks like a champion and he’s had a successful run (minus the 18 seconds in which he won it), but it’s time to move on. That being said, I’d be shocked if del Rio wins this one. Your winner by the Brogue Kick…
Winner (and STILL World Heavyweight Champion): Sheamus

Final Thoughts

M.C. Brown: Would have loved to have gone to the show locally, but no money and me and local WWE shows don’t have much luck for various undisclosed reasons. I usually have to go to Tucson or Las Vegas for a better show. But I will take my chances with TNA Bound For Glory. Bryan vs. Punk and the World title MITB sound the most interesting. Would love to see Bryan and Kidd win, but one of them winning would be nice. I do think Dolph will win, so that would be a good choice as well to help take the Hashtag Heel and Show Off to the next level.

Rhett Davis: Not a bad show and it’ll be interesting to see how crazy these new guys get in the World title MITB ladder match. The WWE title is screaming Russo finish and the World title picture is screaming help. We need some new top stars and the SmackDown MITB ladder match seems to be the way to go to get them. It would’ve made more sense to have two younger stars win this year, but meh… we’d rather have Cena as a MITB winner. Sigh.

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