SDCC 2012 Tidbits: Teen Titans Reboot Detailed & Tim Drake’s Batman & Robin Days Rebooted Too?

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San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2012’s last day included DC Comics New 52’s Young Justice panel. Teen Titans writer Scott Lobdell dropped a few bombshells. Some have been implied already, but Lobdell makes some big confirmations.

    “Teen Titans #0 is almost exclusively about Tim Drake. We keep most of the origin in tact,” he says, though stating that as far as he can tell Tim Drake went straight to being Red Robin and had no official time as Robin, “in that he was one of the few people to get really close to tracking down who Bruce is. It’ll feel like The New 52. It’ll be a new, updated version of the origin. I’m really excited about it. No less a person than Scott Snyder said it was awesome.”

Then as part of the Young Justice panel’s Question and Answer portion, we had the following exchange:

    If Red Robin just started the Teen Titans, how is the flashback with Nightwing explained? “It doesn’t show the Teen Titans, it shows people who used to be on Teen Titans hanging out together. There was no reference to Teen Titans. My feeling is that in the DC New 52, yes, these characters have crossed paths before, but there was no previous version of the Teen Titans. That group you saw in flashback was there, but they were not ‘Teen Titans.'” Lobdell says that originally there was going to be more history with the Teen Titans, but plans changed along the way, and might change again.

So, no confirmed Teen Titans before the current crop. Tim Drake has only been Red Robin; never Robin. And, per the last line above, the DC Comics New 52 plans are bit more organic than concrete. ;)

Fun times.

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