CB’s World: Why The WWE Championship Is A Meaningless Prop Belt Based on Money In The Bank Booking

This is going to be a quick hit this week due to the very busy weekend I had. I didn’t even get a chance to fully watch Sunday night’s Money In The Bank PPV, but I did get home in time to catch the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match, which was erroneously and egregiously positioned as the “main event” of the show. After all of the hype surrounding the love triangle between AJ Lee, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan — and considering the fact that Punk vs. Bryan in any form is deserving of closing any show and that it should be a NO-BRAINER when they are fighting/feuding over the WWE Championship — it just goes to show that as much as things have changed since CM Punk cut THAT RAW PROMO and then beat John Cena at last year’s incarnation of MITB — well, things haven’t really changed at all, have they?

So here we are, with Raw 999 tonight and Raw 1000 on the horizon for next week, and yet what’s the point when WWE’s top prize is positioned as nothing more than a meaningless prop belt just one night ago?

After all, when you put a lackluster, easily predictable match where people are wrestling to secure a briefcase for a chance to win the same title that is clearly viewed by WWE as a mid-level side show in 2012 — unless John Cena is involved, of course — then it just sends a horrible message to everyone who is supposed to be so invested and engaged in the product that they want you to tune in and tweet and tout and watch and chant and shout.

Because what’s the point of living in the WWE Universe if the same shit happens over and over and over and over again? CM Punk may be the new face of the WWE to the John Cena detractors, and Daniel Bryan is on the rise, and AJ has done well. But when the top prize everyone is supposed to care about so much is not actually the top prize — when having your “spot” at the top of the card is more lucrative and more worthwhile than having the championship belt around your waist — then it just doesn’t make ME want to do anything but sigh and wait and see if they ever get it right while knowing they likely won’t.

That’s all from me — CB.

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