Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 7.16.12 (CM Punk, John Cena, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio)

– Going against my better judgment, staying up late while sick, to watch a Raw after such a bad Money In The Bank PPV. Really don’t know if I’ll have a good enough gag reflex for all of the “rah-rah” Cena moments.

– Interesting how they still allude to the fact that CM Punk still isn’t the top guy in the company despite being the champion.

– No mention of Charlie Sheen last night or tonight thus far. Are the hoping people will just forget?

– As much as I love tag team wrestling and as much as I love the fact that tag team wrestling seems to be on WWE’s radar again, the WWE tag team roster sucks.

– I wish they mic’d Bobby Heenan the way they mic AW.

– Alright, already annoyed by “Tout”.

– Would ANYONE miss Alberto Del Rio anymore? Seems as if there’s more interest for Ricardo Rodriguez than there is for Del Rio.

– Can Rey Mysterio make Del Rio interesting again? Although they did feud for the entire start of Del Rio’s career…

– Mysterio’s looking A LOT thinner and healthier. Here’s hoping he’s off the “supplements” for good and we can start seeing the real Rey Mysterio.

– This was the only time the wife enjoyed a Heath Slater appearance, purely because of the Stinkface. This was the only time she actually stayed in the room when he was on TV.

– I liked that look between AJ and Miz. A crazy heel AJ & Miz would probably work really well.

– Ah looks like WWE finally got their heel Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth. Although I don’t know how long the crowds will allow them to remain heels.

– Out of all the guys to get that much offense on Ryback, you go with Jack Swagger?

– I have to admit, I’m really curious to see this AJ/Daniel Bryan wedding. It’s not going to be the Kane/Lita train wreck but it should be interesting & entertaining.

– Thought Ziggler was going to name drop Eddie Guerrero for a minute there.

– Did we just see Dolph Ziggler able to pull off a babyface turn for Chris Jericho?!

– Ok, I’m done with Tout and the “Raw-active” idea. A good way for WWE to show there are actually intelligent wrestling fans in the world though.

– JBL just posted this on Facebook, showing just out of touch current heels are in today’s wrestling business:

Got asked today about the towel I had around my neck when I went to ring, underneath my jacket. The story of this came from a gym in NYC, I was sitting waiting on my wife when I see some guy come in with a cheesy jacket on with a towel underneath. It infuriated me how stupid this guy looked, pure heat.

Then it occurred to me, if this thing got this much heat with me (this out of touch goof) then it was perfect for JBL. I even pointed it out to my wife and said look how stupid that looks and she just laughed, I then told her it was perfect for JBL-and she laughed and agreed.

Being a huge wrestling fan I had always seen the old pics of old wrestlers with the towels, but since it didn’t happen anymore than what is more perfect for an out of touch rich guy like JBL to have this towel around his neck thinking he was the modern day Lou Thesz?

– Wow they got those graphic packages created quickly considering the surprise proposal. Come on guys, at least try a little bit.

– I’m surprised this match wasn’t on the PPV last night.

– Can’t believe they are still trying to sell us on Mr. “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” is going to cash in on a prone Punk.

– Anyone else starting to get the feeling that CM Punk’s reign is VERY similar to Shawn Michaels’ first title reign? Both men were having great matches with a wide range of opponents but were overshadowed constantly by something else; for Michaels it was WCW’s skyrocket to the top on the back of the nWo and for Punk it’s WWE’s well-known franchise, John Cena.

– Really? They’re not saving it for SummerSlam? There’s too much booked for next week, 3 hours or not. I just hope they’re not doing this so Cena can win the belt and Rock can immediately challenge him for it.

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