Paul Heyman Taps Injured NXT Regular As The Next Big Thing


Paul Heyman has high praise for Husky Harris’ Bray Wyatt character that has been featured on FCW TV and the new WWE NXT. Heyman wrote to him on Twitter:

“@HuskyWWE Bray Wyatt is destined for greatness. U didn’t hear it here 1st.But I mean it w/ more passion than any1 else!”

Husky replied:

“@HeymanHustle Thank you for the kind words sir, it means alot. Oh and let me know if you ever need a new client, it would be an honor.”

Heyman’s reply:

“@HuskyWWE I assure you, the pleasure would be all mine. And the future … Oh the future … would be all yours!”

Quick Quip: I caught the character on the most recent episode of NXT and I have to agree. Harris was always a nice diversion from the typical WWE character but Wyatt is something we haven’t seen in awhile and could make for great TV once he is back from injury.

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