A near sell-out, and the crowd is pumped. The big screen shows last month’s highlights. Damn this place does things well. We start with our three commentators, Tony, Mike and Bobby… sorry, Josh, Todd and Kurt in the ring running down the card, especially the main event of Marvel v Mimic. Short, sharp and shiny.


Match 1: Luke Santamaria v Carl Christopher Chaos
This is Chaos’ RCW debut, but he has wrestled elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand (his home country). Odd match to start the show. Fast start with a few rollups by Luke for 2 counts. Chaos rolls out of the ring to slow things down. Luke follows him out, then back in. Luke up top, Chaos makes him fall (“He’s got three Adam’s apples now.” – Todd Eastman; “He’s like a chipmunk… keeps his nuts in his cheeks.” – Kurt Power), then Chaos works methodically on him. Match slows down. Luke gets a rollup for two, but Chaos back on him. Crowd is behind Luke. Chaos nails a nice back suplex, then a teardrop back/side suplex. Luke comes back and finishes with a fameasser that sort of hits for two. Power slam by Chaos for two. Chaos goes for something that looked awkward into an awkward rollup that finally gets three for the Luke win. Not sure if that was the match I would have used to start the show.
Winner: Luke Santamaria by pinfall


Match 2: Del Taurino (with Marvel & El Presidente) v Damo Damo
Damo still gets the biggest pops of the night. Over does not even begin to describe it. They play the crowd to start. Damo outspeeds Taurino to start, and then we have a squash section. Not much more to say, really. Squash squash squash. A few hope spots, but squished. A Damo comeback, crowd is pumped, and Taurino levels him, but pulls him up at two. Twice. Taurino puts him on the top rope and Damo hits a hurricanrana for two. Crowd almost loses its collective brown stuff. A Taurino powerslam with authority kills Damo for the three. I’ll say it again, the crowd wants to get behind Damo, but they can’t while these matches happen. It’s losing its fun aspect in cheering for him.
Winner: Del Taurino by pinfall


Marvel cuts an anti-Mimic promo. Mimic comes out. Staredown. Mimic with the mic, makes his counter-claim, and says Marvel hides behind Del Taurino and El Presidente. It should be just the two of them, no one else. Marvel with the mic and he agrees – just the two of them. Short, sharp and shiny again. The Adelaide guys have the art of the short, effective promo down pat.


Match 3: Fuzion v Big Brodie Marshall
Marshall is a product of the RCW academy, and is another tall (6’10) wrestler. He also brought along his own cheer squad; damn! he looks happy to be there. Gotta love debuts, living the dream, all that. Fuzion with the handshake offer to start; of course a short cut results. Marshall starts with a flurry, but looks a little flustered. He’s actually a little slower than Fuzion. Fuzion takes over with a drop toe hold to the turnbuckle. Marshall back, Fuzion stops it with a jawbreaker and big boot for two. Marshall back with a side slam. Fuzion back with an eye rake into a spine buster for two. Marshall back and gets Fuzion into a torture rack which he turns into a slam. Impressive move, and it gets the win to a massive pop. Not a bad debut, but he was clearly nervous and so was loose. Fuzion, on the other hand, is probably one of the most underrated wrestlers on the roster.
Winner: Big Brodie Marshall by pinfall


Match 4: Eliza Sway & Harley Wonderland (‘The Worst Blokes’) v Miami & Savannah Summers
First, The Worst Blokes is the best name for a women’s tag team. Second, both teams have matching colours, which makes it feel like two real teams fighting. There isn’t enough of that. Savannah and Harley start with some chain until Savannah takes control. Tag Miami. Stiff strikes in the corner. Sway interferes, allowing Harley to hit a nasty clothesline. Tag to Sway. She beats up on Miami for a bit. Distraction allows Harley to work Miami in the corner. Tag to Harley. The Worst Blokes working well together. Crowd gets behind Miami. Sway back in. Vicious kick to Miami’s back. Crowd tries to fire Miami up. Miami back with elbows, but Sway out. Miami doesn’t go for the tag, instead follows Sway. Sway and Wonderland work Miami over on the outside, Savannah up to the top rope and a cross body takes everyone out. Great move. Back in, Miami hits a cartwheel splash for two. Tag to Savannah. A double stroke plants Sway, Harley breaks up the pin, drags Sway to her corner for the tag. Nice move. Wonderland gets two. Chokes Savannah on the ropes with help from Sway. A Savannah comeback stopped by a hair-assisted back-breaker. Ouch, and again, nice move. Tag to Sway. Sway hits a swinging back drop for two. Harley in with a nice snap suplex. An awkward neck-breaker type move gets Savannah back in control, hot tag to Miami, she takes out both the Worst Blokes. Savannah back in, clotheslines in two corners. It’s broken down. Sway breaks up a pinfall, Miami and Sway brawl to the outside. Harley locks a Gory special on Summers. But Summers gets out, hits the Pure Arrogance (Eat Da Feet) on Harley and gets the win. Great match! Miami does not look happy as they are leaving. Interesting.
Winners: Miami & Savannah Summer by pinfall


A member of the Misfit Stunt Crew, Misfit Stevo, comes out to entertain the crowd. He crotches himself on the top rope with a high jump. The crowd loves it. It’s like the Tokyo Shock Boys. However, while he prepares for stunt number 2, the Mean Street Wrecking Crew (Brad Smyth and Hammer) interrupt. Brad on the mic. He puts Stevo down, Stevo pushes Brad, Hammer puts Stevo down with a tight sleeper hold. Hammer with a mic. He manages to rile the crowd with his first ten words. He explains how he went to MCW and helped the RCW crew wreak some havoc. But he claims he did some other business. We then get a video package of how Hammer beat two shades of shite out of Jacko Lantern in Melbourne. That means Grimm has no partner for the tag match tonight. They call Grimm out. He answers by agreeing basically to take the MSWC on one-on-two.


Match 5: Handicap Match: Matt “Grimm” Basso v Hammer & Brad Smyth
Grimm and Hammer start. Neither with a strength advantage. Back and forth to start until Hammer uses the hair to take control. Elbow misses from Hammer, miss from Grimm, Hammer with a clothesline. Tag to Smyth. Back and forth until a Smyth drop kick grounds Grimm. But Grimm hits a series of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers to destroy Smyth. Chop on Smyth drops Smyth. He then throws Smyth over to tag Hammer. Suddenly Hammer is showing pain and fear. Bit of a character change. And now he’s not. Hammer back with headbutts. Tag to Smyth, double team to drop Grimm. Smyth boots Grimm in the back of the head. Smyth in control. Tag Hammer back in, double team to keep Grimm down. MSWC working well together. Hammer keeps the attack on Grimm. Tag to Smyth. Smyth runs into a Grimm elbow, then boot. Grimm back with a pumphandle over the shoulder suplex. Pin broken up by Hammer, Hammer in, Grimm levels him with a clothesline, but Smyth interferes, giving Hammer the upper hand. Suddenly Grimm comes back, taking out Smyth, but runs into the devastator (black hole slam) by Hammer for the MSWC win. Well, Hammer is your rookie of the year without a doubt, but character consistency is an issue.
Winners: Brad Smyth & Hammer


Nice video package to set up our main event. That’s one thing that has stuck out this year – the use of the big screen video, for entrances and to give matches that big time feel.


Match 6: RCW Championship Match: Marvel v Chris “Mimic” Basso
Marvel comes out with Del Taurino and El Presidente, but Mimic goads him into sending them to the back. The match. As expected, this starts with back and forth technically proficient chain wrestling. Too quick for me to call, but it just keeps going back and forth until a headscissor takedown sends Marvel to the floor. Marvel catches his breath, taking advantage of the count before he comes back in. Kicks by Marvel, but then leg lariat, back elbow, forearm smash by Mimic. Mimic in control. Springboard European uppercut gets two for Mimic. The ten head smashes in the corner by Mimic sends Marvel loopy. Mimic goes up top, but Marvel pushes him to the ground outside (“Like a cat landing on his face.” – Kurt Powers). Marvel follows him outside and continues the punishment. Mimic into the ring post. Crowd is hot. Back in, Marvel continues, including a rope-assisted anaconda vice. Mimic back, but a spinkick from Marvel puts him down for two. Marvel continues to work Mimic over. Seated dropkick gets two for Marvel. Mimic slides out of a slam, then hits Marvel with two of his own, and then a sit-out powerslam for two. Spinning European uppercut to the back of Marvel’s head. Mimic goes for a springboard moonsault, but hits knees. Marvel wraps on a rope assisted dragon sleeper on Mimic for the full five count. Marvel tries to suplex Mimic in. Mimic blocks, and they’re both on the apron. Back and forth until Marvel hits a judo throw to the floor. Mimic again rammed into the steel ring post. Marvel pulls up the floor pads, and then suplexes Mimic on the wooden floor. It’s about time that worked for someone. Marvel takes time to gloat. Back in the ring Marvel kicks Mimic a few times, but Mimic catches him and hits an exploder suplex. Mimic with the comeback. Sit-out F5 gets a two-count. Mimic sets Marvel up for the 450, but misses! Marvel scoots out while Mimic is in mid-air in a great piece of timing. Marvel with a sit-out brain-buster for two. Marvel argues with the referee, showing real frustration. Another two count for Marvel. Crowd is on the edge of their seats. Now Marvel goes up. Mimic with a pop-up superplex. Both men are down. Crowd is screaming for Mimic. Both men up at eight. Yay-boo punches, stiff ones too. Mimic gets the better of it. Mimic escapes the reverse DDT, and hits the Sega-Mega Driver. But the Rude Ones come from out of the back in some more picture-perfect timing and knock out the ref. Grimm runs out and destroys Del Taurino and El Presidente. But he gets caught following them to the outside where El Presidente tapes Grimm to the ring post. Crowd is going bat-shit. Now the Mimic beat-down can commence. Voodoo out with a chair, but Sway is with him with the key to the city. He is limping. Sway yells at him. Voodoo enters the ring, scaring the Rude Ones off. He hits Mimic with the key! Crowd explodes in absolute disbelief! The Rude Ones also have no idea what is going on. Voodoo to the back with Sway. Ref is woken up as Marvel locks the dragon sleeper on Mimic. The arm drops three times. Holy crap! After more than twenty-five minutes of awesome action, your new champion is Marvel. May I just say: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Winner: And New RCW Champion MARVEL!
Crowd is livid! Match of the year so far.


A quibble – virtually nothing was mentioned about the interpromotion feud with MCW. A few little comments, Mimic talking about it pre-occupying him and Hammer’s video package were about it. Where were the Melbourne guys? Even if none of them could have come over, what about a video or something? It was so hot last month and this month was just business as usual. It felt like it was the white elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about it.


Well, despite that, this was the best show in a while from the Riot City Wrestling crew, I must say. The main event stacks up with the best they’ve put on, and Marvel is the perfect choice for champion, because he wrestles like a champion. And even though it will probably get lost in the praise for the title match, the women’s match, as well, was another great showing from the ladies of Riot City.


RCW is a big reason why I love the Independent Wrestling Scene.


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