SDCC 2012 Tidbits: Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige Teases Avengers Co-Star For Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 3 Movie?

Entertainment Weekly #1217, cover date July 27, 2012, includes a Sand Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2012 wrap-up. Marvel Studios’ Production President Kevin Feige was part of the panel that announced several new Marvel movies. Entertainment Weekly covered it as well and had some interesting news to share (emphasis added):

    The [Iron Man 3] movie will return the focus to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark (which is right where both guys like it), so don’t expect much crossover from his Avengers superfriends, who have gone their separate ways. Except for Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. “If you remember at the end of the Avengers, he jumped into the car with Tony,” Feige said, teasing the cheering crowd before adding: “And Tony dropped him off at the Port Authority.”

Other sources have noted that Marvel has confirmed no Hulk in Iron Man 3, but will we see Bruce Banner? Well, we’ll have to wait and see in May 2013.

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