Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 1000 Episode (CM Punk, John Cena, DX, The Rock, The Undertaker)

– The night we’ve all been waiting for, well, a thousand episodes of Raw. And yes, I’ve seen EVERY episode.

– The Edge retirement moment just hit me hard. Probably the most memorable Raw I had the pleasure of being at.

– The new stage setup is HUGE! Good GOD, I don’t know if it’s just for tonight or from now on but that’s one way to make sure the shows are sold out. Just take over most of the seats!

– This is just plan awesome and damn does Billy Gunn still look jacked! It is completely amazing to see all these guys in the ring, healthy and having fun.

– Wow, talk about a rub for Damien Sandow.

– That was just plain fun! I hope this sets the tone for the rest of the show!

– I really like the new graphics package and everything looks fantastic in HD. I can only pray CM Punk walks out in with a new WWE title 😉

– Well this 6-man match should be pretty damn athletic. I’m surprised they didn’t hype Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio teaming for the first time. Then again, there’s been SO much to hype already.

– Interesting how they still keeping Chris Jericho on the “heel” side of things, despite his crowd pleasing, retro promos and his attack on Ziggler. This might be the only heel vs heel feud that will actually work because people WANT to cheer Jericho.

– Is Jim Ross leaving after that match?! That would SUCK!

– Did WWE just pay off the “Mae Young gives birth to a hand” storyline? I…I…I’m at a total loss for words…

– Nice Dude Love cameo, it’s been awhile and fit well with Brodus Clay.

– I like how they’re slipping in homages to past memorable segments. I’m just surprised we didn’t see Stephanie right there.

– “I’ve been married so many times, I have rice burns on my face.” “Marriage is grand. But divorce is a hundred grand.” – Two classic Jerry Lawler lines back to back that we haven’t heard in years.

– Daniel Bryan and AJ have to be the shortest couple in WWE history.

– Well, we knew they were high on AJ but now she’s the new General Manager?! Things are about to get a little crazy.

– They actually mentioned Charlie Sheen!? Extremely surprised they’re actually doing something with him.

– CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and The Rock all in the same ring talking about the WWE title. Really never thought I would see this.

– “Frodo” has to be trending right now.

– Punk and Rock actually match up much better than I thought they would. I think CM Punk as finally completely thrown off the “indy-look” stigma he has had for so long.

– Rock vs Punk at the Royal Rumble? God, I hope that happens but January is a long way away.

– Special ring announcer is the best the could do for Bret Hart? At least they are having him introduce an Intercontinental Title match. I thought for a second that Hart was going to introduce McGillicutty as Joe Hennig.

– New Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. Smart move as it keeps Miz as appearing important and relevant without having to put him in either world title picture.

– Well I guess Skype is one way to bring Charlie Sheen on the show and at least he did seem to be watching the show.

– “Slam Of The Week” from 3 months ago? Oooookaaaay.

– Damn, Stephanie McMahon is just looking better with age. I really did miss her on TV, she knows her character so well she immediately makes the segment better. This is making me nostalgic for the Stephanie/SD vs Bischoff/Raw general managers era.

– I’m surprised we didn’t see DX at least make an appearance during that segment.

– Is it wrong that I’m marking out for the Wrestling Buddies. Especially the Sheamus one.

– Awesome Lita surprise who looks terrific. No wonder CM Punk’s smitten.

– The A.P.A.?! Never thought we’d see JBL and Farooq together again.


– Just realized that The Miz is now officially a member of the WWE Triple Crown Club (WWE, IC and Tag Team Championships). Never thought we’d see The Miz win ONE title in his entire career and here he is now, setting a pace for a legitimate Hall of Fame career.

– Well nothing like a random Muppet appearance.

– Definitely sounds like a legit 50/50 audience for John Cena.

– They’re really just bring back the Undertaker to destroy the 2012 JOB Squad? Well that’s disappointing.

– A nice moment but I can’t help but feel letdown.

– The common theory is that John Cena will lose this match as he is truly the only man who can cash in Money In The Bank unsuccessfully and have it not harm his character at all. That being said, WWE LOVES doing the exact opposite of what people believe will happen.

– There’s no way they’re going to top their previous matches with the time they have left.

– Interesting character development for CM Punk. I don’t know if we’ve seen a full fledged heel turn for CM Punk but the GTS to The Rock solidified Punk as being at the same level as Cena and Rock. And unlike with The Miz, Punk can back up these actions both in the ring and on the mic.

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