The Bachelorette 2012 – Season Finale Review – Arie’s Love Potion Didn’t Work

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Well guys, I don’t know about you but last night’s episode of The Bachelorette shocked me. Not so much with the outcome – I don’t read spoilers and, quite honestly did not know who she would pick. It shocked me because, for possibly the first time in the history of this reality TV franchise, I thought all this crap looked genuine. I was rooting for happiness! What is happening to me???

Don’t worry, Bachelor Pad begins tonight and will restore the blood in my veins to its natural freezing cold temperature. More on the end to Emily’s “journey” after the break.

So, full disclosure, I did not see Jef’s visit with Emily’s family. It was infuriating, actually – thanks to a screw up from City TV, a bunch of us in Canada missed the first twenty or so minutes of the show. But from my mom told me, if was pretty similar to Arie’s – it went well.

Emily’s parents and brother liked both guys, which made the decision tough for Emily. But they also told her that they don’t think you can love two guys at once, and that she should wait on an engagement until she’s seen the guy she chooses interact with Ricki and can figure out that new family dynamic. It was sound advice, from Emily’s mom, but I was pretty sure there’d be a ring on her finger by the end of the show anyway.

Meet Your New Daddy! (Maybe…)

Emily was really struggling with whether to introduce both guys to her daughter. I get why she’d want to – if it went horribly, it could change her mind. But really, what of importance can you learn in one visit? And it could be confusing for Ricki to meet two “friends” of her mom’s. Plus, she’d already made Ricki awkwardly hang out with Brad on The Bachelor only to have that relationship crash and burn.

But Emily decided to go for it, so Jef was first to meet Ricki after spending some time with Emily at the beach. They hung out in the pool, and it went pretty well. Way better than it with Brad, which isn’t difficult considering the kid didn’t say two words that time.

Later, Emily told Jef that Ricki had asked if he could come back tomorrow. She didn’t mention the awkward moment when she had to tell Ricki that, no, a new guy will be here tomorrow and you may never see dude in the green shorts again. Jef brought Emily a cute travel book that he’d drawn in, and they sat and talked on the couch. Their banter (Thank you, no, thank YOU, no really, thank you, etc.) seemed more normal and relaxed than anything else I think we’ve seen on this show.

All along I’ve felt pretty confident that Emily would end up with Arie, but after her date with Jef I could really see her with him. (And I swear, I typed this before I knew what happened.)

Arie-ya Sure?

The next day, Emily had Chris Harrison come over for a chat. Immediately, I thought “Oh my god, she’s going to dump Arie without a final date or letting him meet the kid. This is a HUGE surprise.” And I was right – she’d settled on Jef after the visit with Ricki, and didn’t need to go any farther with Arie. Maybe y’all weren’t surprised, but I was. It’s rare that a bachelor or bachelorette breaks free from the show’s agenda, so props to Emily for taking the classiest page out of Ali’s book.

So instead of a date, Emily was going to have to tell Arie it was over, and that brought her to tears. Man, that’s tough. You’ve got to feel for Arie – I imagine that if it were me, I’d always kind of think “If I’d only had a chance to show her how great I’d be with Ricki.” But Emily made up her mind, and I felt for her too since she was obviously really, really upset at the thought of hurting him.

Of course, it was all made more awful because Arie thought he would definitely, absolutely be proposing in one day. The guy made a love potion, for goodness sake! Then they sat down, and Emily began sobbing. Gah! This was really, really sad you guys! This show isn’t supposed to make you feel real emotions! I’m honestly shocked at how much I felt for both Emily and Arie. I usually can’t stand the people on these shows. Like, can we find a girl for Arie ASAP? The only way I was going to feel OK was if he showed up at the finale super happy and in love with someone else. He is too good for The Bachelor.

But don’t worry guys – the somber looks on everyone in the studio audience brought me back to reality. Y’all, you’re watching The Bachelorette, not war footage. (I mock, but my face probably looked like that too.)

Of Course She Does

At this point, it seemed pretty obvious that Jef would propose and that Emily would say yes. Jef picked out a massive ring, Emily put on a stunning dress. I liked that Emily didn’t drag things out – she cut to the chase and let Jef know that she was choosing him, and that he was the only one who met Ricki, got a date, and was standing up there with her. And so then, of course, he proposed and, of course, she said yes.

It was a little weird that they sent a confused looking Ricki running in, but, well, we can’t win ‘em all, can we TV lovers?

After The Final Rose

Emily came out first for After The Final Rose, looking amazing and MUCH happier than the last time she did one of these shows. I’ve really liked Emily as the Bachelorette and how honest she is, and I thought she had good things to say about her relationship with Arie.

Arie came out, looking very handsome. They talked about how hard it was for Arie, and what Emily could have done differently. Arie admitted that he flew to Charlotte for some off-camera, Bachelorette-unapproved closure, but once he got there he realized it was a bad idea and instead called her. He actually left his journal on her doorstep, but Emily didn’t read it. All I think anyone can say after watching this is that Arie is a really good guy.

When Jef came out, he said he wished they’d shown more of Emily’s sense of humor on the show. I agree! I think Emily’s been one of the best Bachelorettes ever, but I think there was definitely more personality to show than they did. This interview with Emily and Jef couldn’t have been more different than the one Brad and Emily did after The Bachelor.

Jef says that for at least a while, he’ll move to Charlotte so that they’re not uprooting Ricki (after a humanitarian trip to Africa) – another sign that this might actually work. I know the odds are terrible, but I hope it does.

And now, from what was probably the classiest season of The Bachelorette ever, we head into the STD-fest that is Bachelor Pad. Be sure to come by for the recaps of that one! (I heartily recommend not watching the show, of course. I take that bullet for y’all.)

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