WWE Monday Night Raw 1000 Preview Series, Part 7: WWE.com Poll plus CB’s Slant on Booking John Cena vs. CM Punk

TONIGHT (Monday 7/23/12) is the 1000th episode in the history of WWE Monday Night Raw, and the Pulse Wrestling staff has really kicked things up over the past few days with Mike Gojira’s Stomping Ground leading the charge late last week for booking Raw 1000 and this morning’s Rasslin’ Roundtable enabling us to jot down and share with you our own personal favorite Monday Night Raw moments.

Meanwhile, I’ve been having a blast not only putting together this Monday Night Raw 1000 Preview series, but also reading and reacting to all of your comments across the different threads on what is sure to be a memorable episode of Raw 1000 tonight. This site is nothing without you, the readers, and this has been a really fun week of back and forth, so let’s keep it going!

WWE.com posted a poll asking the WWE Universe that they are looking forward to the most on tonight’s 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw. Below are the results as they stand now with a little less than 10,000 votes tallied:

John Cena cashing in on CM PunK: 30%
The Rock’s return: 28%
DX reunion: 20%
Daniel Bryan and AJ’s wedding: 8%
The naming of the permanent GM: 8%
Brock Lesnar’s response to Triple H: 5%
Christian’s Intercontinental Title Match: 1%

CB’s Slant: I think it’s interesting that Brock Lesnar’s WWE return has really failed to move the needle all that much, whereas The Rock has been truly welcomed back with open arms by old and newer WWE fans alike. So much for the UFC crossover, right Vince?

Speaking of “CB’s Slant”, I thought I’d share my own little booking idea for tonight’s main event of John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship. I shared this in the comments section late last week, but I thought it was worth repeating here before wrapping up this Raw 1000 Preview series:

Punk will be all set to win, and before he can get the pin he is attacked by Brock Lesnar. Bell rings, and Brock destroys Punk. Cena interferes after Punk is laid out, and they exchange punches. The Rock storms the ring seemingly to help Cena, but gives John a Rock Bottom instead. Brock and Rock are staring each other down, and DX music hits again. Triple H and HBK come down to the ring to join the fray, then Vince’s music hits. Vince books DX vs. Brock and Rock for SummerSlam (rather than just Triple H vs. Brock), which will signal HBK’s one night only return match.

Gongggggggg. Taker’s music hits, lights go out. They come back on and Shawn Michaels has completely vanished. Taker strongarms Vince into changing the SummerSlam match to Taker and Triple H vs. Brock and Rock, saying Michaels will never wrestle again, not on his watch.

Vince agrees, and the show closes.

As I said to James Alsop, who loved my idea (smart guy), I think what I outlined above would truly be Raw 1000 worthy and sets up one hell of a special attraction for SummerSlam that can play into HHH-Taker, Brock-Taker, Rock-Brock, and Rock-Hunter, etc. It’s filled with intrigue and doesn’t “give away” any singles matches they can do down the line at WrestleMania. I also like the idea of Taker not letting HBK wrestle on his watch, as a nice little twist.

That’s all from me — ENJOY RAW 1000 — CB.


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