Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 7.26.12 (Austin Aries, Sting, Kurt Angle, James Storm, Bobby Roode)

– I haven’t really watched TNA since the Aces and Eights storyline hit it’s full swing but I’m liking it. From all reports, its going to include numerous talented guys who deserve a job and putting them together will definitely give it a nWo feel.

– Decent opening segment with Roode keeping his feud with James Storm fresh in the fans’ minds. Completely bored with Sting though.

– Madison Rayne’s “crush” on Earl Hebner is just wrong but she’s playing it really well.

– Damn, Sam Shaw is taking advantage of this TV time.

– Loved that Joey Ryan sucker punched the one “judge” who voted “yes” for his Gut Check. Can’t wait to see him on Impact regularly.

– Nice showing for Shaw. He might be unpolished but I think he’s more ready than either of the other two people who received contracts.

– I guess they have to do these promo videos for Chavo’s debut because honestly, he would be more suited for an agent’s role than a wrestler’s at this point in his career. Plus with the influx of talent recently (X-Division guys, Gut Check and Aces and Eights), Chavo is going to get lost in the shuffle. The Kid Kash & Gunner tag team intrigues me though since Gunner absolutely needs a mouthpiece.

– I love the Bound For Glory Series simply because we get matches like James Storm vs AJ Styles just for the fun of it and it’s incredible.

– Crappy finish but they had to do something considering Bobby Roode’s claims earlier.

– Good call giving Shaw a chance. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he can do.

– All the Barry Darsow jokes by Aries were incredible.

– Kenny King vs Zema Ion just proved once again how green Ion is and how ready King is. TNA has a stigma of always putting a belt on the brand new talent who became famous with another promotion. This is one situation where the X-Division title should be around Kenny King’s waist.

– Once again Bully Ray proves he can hang in the main event and yet still he isn’t put into a World title storyline. Decent ending to the show, pointing the finger at James Storm when he is plainly not behind these attacks. Impact has definitely hit it’s stride this summer and here’s hoping they can stay live into the fall.

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